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120 Randall Drive, Unit 1E & 1F, Waterloo, Ontario N2V1C6, Canada
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+1 519 489 0005
2G Robotics proudly designs and produces industry-leading underwater laser scanners and imaging systems for subsea mapping, surveying, and inspection. 2G Robotics' systems generate real-time 3D models of subsea structures and environments with millimetric resolution ensuring the security and maintenance of the world's critical infrastructure. ... More

2G is dedicated to advanced research, development, and engineering for the production of cutting-edge underwater inspection solutions. The foundation of 2G Robotics is its wealth of engineering expertise in the development of innovative and reliable systems, which has led to the success of its market-leading ULS line of underwater laser scanners. These scanners have been used on all seven continents at extreme depths for a range of underwater inspections, including the high-profile Costa Concordia salvage operation and HMS Erebus exploration.