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Brian Gamet – GEOSIGHT

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Chartered Surveyor & Partner
Brian Gamet, Chartered Surveyor and founding director of GEOSIGHT, holds a lifelong passion for the production of maps and charts and the science behind them. Brian holds a Master's degree in Hydrography from Plymouth University recognised to IHO Category A level, and is fully accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as a Chartered Land and Hydrographic Surveyor having practised professionally both disciplines for over 15 years. Brian is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority and retains an associate lecturing post with MLA College, an academic partner of Plymouth University, as a lecturer in both land and hydrographic survey.

Brian has specialisms and principal interests in cadastral (boundary) surveying and acting as a Chartered surveyor to help resolve boundary dispute situations. Brian is a also a specialist in the area of precise dimension control, including that of offshore survey vessels and in practising new methods in laser scanning and photogrammetry to increase accuracy and efficiency within this area.

See Brian at work leading practical survey sessions with Plymouth University – MLA College - Hydrography for Professionals Practical Session (EHYD506) 2017.
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Chartered Surveyor & Partner
+44 1722 442302
Company Profile
GEOSIGHT are a young land and hydrographic survey company with a growing marine client base including James Fisher Marine Services, DEME Group, A2Sea, Wight Shipyards, Hunton Yachts and Fugro amongst others. Specifically our team of IHO Category A qualified hydrographic and land surveyors can provide vessel dimension control and laser scanning services.... More

GEOSIGHT has combined experience of 15 years providing dimension control surveys to define accurate reference frames for vessels with motion reference units, survey heading systems (gyros and GNSS antenna), USBL positioning systems and multibeam echosounders.

GEOSIGHT also provide laser scanning services, producing 3D models of existing vessel hulls, interiors, frames, components and moulds which have then gone on to be used as the basis for further new design work. These can be presented as point clouds or more traditional drawings as requested by our clients