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+1 650 967 2045
Chesapeake Technology is a leader in ocean geophysical and seafloor mapping solutions. Chesapeake Technology's flagship software solution, SonarWiz, is a high quality data acquisition and survey and mapping processing software suite that has set a new standard for ease, simplicity and quality. SonarWiz unifies and simplifies multi-sensor data sets, ... Moreincluding side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, bathymetry and magnetometers into a single GIS environment. It has changed the way the seafloor is mapped and viewed.

Chesapeake Technology also provides custom software design and engineering services for a wide range of sonar, sub-bottom, mapping and GIS applications, including NMEAWiz, ImageToSEGY, SonarWiz Shuttle and Survey Software Development Services.

Founded in 1995, the company now serves hundreds of customers worldwide, including many of the world's navies, leading academic institutions, survey companies and government agencies. Customers include NOAA, USGS, NAVO, Fugro and C&C Technologies.