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A.P. van den Berg's DW ROSON 100 is a proven seabed CPT system, deployed from a vessel with an A-frame or crane through a moonpool or over the side. The electrical wheel-drive system pushes the pre-assembled CPT string into the seabed. Wheel friction ... Moreis imposed by hydraulic force. A self-tensioning electric winch with heave compensation feeds the umbilical for power supply and data communication.

Key Features

Proven wheel-drive system with a pushing force of 100kN

Option for second set of wheels to achieve 200kN

Deployable from medium to large vessel

4,000m water depth rating, CPT depth up to 50m

Provided with technology to operate at high water pressures

Suitable for 10cm2 Icone + click-on modules + Seabed Sampler XL
The Feritech FT570 Seafloor CPT System shows the way for the latest generation cone penetration testing (CPT) technology. Simple to use, quick to mobilise with advanced features and class leading results. This flexible system can be deployed from a vessel ... Moreor platform and be configured with a thrust capacity from 50 kN through to 400 kN.

The advanced chain-drive system can accommodate 25 mm, 36 mm and 45 mm diameter sounding rods, ensuring the system is truly flexible. Standing by our modular philosophy seen on our other geotechnical systems, the FT570 Seafloor CPT drive units are no exception. They have been designed from the ground up to offer the user maximum flexibility. The unit can be configured with a deadweight of between 5 and 45 tonnes using the modular ballast, allowing it to be used on small vessels or large vessel alike.

The same CPT drive unit can be put into an integrated frame with our vibrocorer and heat flow probe to allow a single deployment and mobilisation for all three sampling tools.

Key Features

Capable of 400kN thrust

Operational depths of up to 2,000m

Variable sounding speed of 15 - 26 mm/s

Variable retracting speed of 15 - 90 mm/s

Compatible with 45mm, 36mm and 25mm Ø rods

Can also record soundings on extraction as well at thrust

Full integration with our vibrocorer and heat flow systems

Modular ballast (400kN CPT unit can be ballasted from between 50kN and 400kN thrust)

Real time monitoring and control using our HUB software

All calibration data and cone history is stored within the cone – no more paper records

Entire system fits in a 20ft container
Neptune 5000 Seabed CPT System – designed, created and developed by Datem Ltd – is a coiled rod Cone Penetration Test (CPT) system. It features a 35kN push capacity, 20m test penetration, real-time control and data acquisition with in-built automatic ... Moresafety cut-outs. It is situated within a compact frame to allow for easy deployment from smaller survey vessels via an A-Frame or deck crane.

Key Features

5cm2 detachable cone, 10cm2 cone, and T-Bar cone

35kN push capability

Up to 20m penetration

Easily deployed compact subsea frame

Real-time control & display

Single coax connection for power & data

Automatic safety cut-outs

Low maintenance, low consumable use

Easy to operate Windows-based PC control
The WISON-APB-3000 Wireline CPT is well-suited to operate in the harsh offshore conditions of ultra-deep water depths up to 3,000m. It requires a drill string with an inner diameter of 4¼" (109mm) and a drill tower clearance of 12m.... More

The WISON-APB-3000 has a flexible stroke and is equipped with a multi-purpose down hole tool comprising:

An automatic electro-mechanical system for locking itself in the bottom hole assembly. After a CPT, the tool can be unlocked independently of the actual stroke reached

A Kevlar-reinforced, high-strength umbilical cable that provides continuous charging of the battery module in the tool. The umbilical includes optical fibres for tool control and high speed communication of CPT data

A constant tensioning winch that is optimised for high travel speeds (max 5 m/s) of the tool inside the drill pipe.

Key Features

Proven wire line CPT system with a pushing force of 100kN

Water depth + drilling depth up to 3,000m, CPT stroke up to 3m

Compatible with 5cm², 10cm², and 15cm² Icones and 10cm² Deep Water Icone

Suitable for soil sampling with the Push or Piston Sampler

High speed constant tensioning winch with automatic landing and recovery

Real-time control and data acquisition through optical fibre umbilical
A.P. van den Berg's data acqusition system consists of a digital cone, called Icone, and a digital data acquisition box called Icontrol. An Icone has a built-in analogue-to-digital (AD) conversion, memory, and micro-controller, and provides an entirely ... Moredigital path to the Icontrol. Thanks to this digital data transfer, the influence of cables or connectors on the measured data lies in the past. The Icone cables are of high standard and because all connectors are identical, cables will always fit. Icones are available in a 5cm², 10cm², and 15cm² versions, and are also compatible with the Optocone system which provides a wireless data transfer.

The Icontrol is placed near the computer on which the data is recorded. It also combines the depth information with the obtained CPT data and provides power to the Icone. An Icontrol is connected to a PC or laptop with an USB-connection. The Ifield software package is installed on the PC or laptop for realtime presentation on screen and recording of the CPT data. Icone and Icontrol work in conjunction with the usual equipment for depth registration and pushing. With a minimal investment, a high quality data acquisition system can be integrated even in existing CPT rigs.

Key Features

Available in 5cm², 10cm² and 15cm² versions

Applicable for onshore and offshore

Easily extendable with click-on modules (seismic, conductivity, magneto, and vane)

Cost-effective CPT operation

High quality data acquisition

Entirely digital data transfer