Dr Scott Parazynski – Blue Abyss

Dr Scott Parazynski – Blue Abyss

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Non-Executive Director
Veteran astronaut and explorer Dr. Scott Parazynski is a physician and published expert in the field of space physiology, with particular expertise in human adaptation to stressful environments. His distinguished flying career spans 17 years at NASA, during which time he completed more than 47 hours on spacewalks, over eight weeks in Space, and travelled 23 million miles in orbit. Scott is also an accomplished inventor, pilot, scuba diver and Himalayan mountaineer.
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Non-Executive Director
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Blue Abyss' pioneering centre will be the most comprehensive deep sea and space research, training and test facility of its kind in the world, unmatched in its breadth of configuration. Blue Abyss' primary function is to enable extreme environment development, both human and robotic, ranging from the offshore energy industry through to the growing ... Morehuman spaceflight sector and adventure tourism.

Blue Abyss is among the most ground-breaking projects of its time. This state-of-the-art facility aims to become the world's premier deep-sea and space extreme environment research, training and test centre. Brainchild of ex-forces diving instructor and technology consultant John Vickers, planning began back in September 2014.

Blue Abyss is designed to cater for a huge variety of applications. Manufacturers can test Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) assemblies, researchers can evaluate new diving equipment and the effects of prolonged periods of submersion on the body, commercial and recreational divers can conduct their training at various depths, while freedivers can test their mettle in the 50m deep shaft.

And to most realistically simulate these environments, we will be able to insert cave systems, shipwrecks and spacecraft alongside a fully flexible submerged lighting system, poolside crane, tie-down points and lifting platforms. This will allow the pool to be customised for a huge range of uses.

Blue Abyss is scheduled to be fully operational in 2019.