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ECHO81 is a trusted equipment provider specialising in hydrographic and geophysical operations. The company was founded to provide the industry with comprehensive solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and ongoing productivity. We are also recognised for our integrity and commitment to client service. Your priority is our priority!

ECHO81 offers a full-suite of services, including equipment sales and rentals, software, training, and technical support.

So if you have a question, require a new piece of kit, or need to learn how to use the one you have, give us a call! We have the in-house expertise to get you up and going.

Our services and support are available globally.
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Equipment RentalHydrography & GeophysicsIT & SoftwareMeasurement & InstrumentationOceanography
Hydrographic & Geophysical Services
Side Scan Sonar (SSS)Multibeam Echosounder (MBES)Singlebeam Echosounder (SBES)Seabed Mapping
Impact Subsea design and manufacture innovative underwater Altimeter, Depth, Range, Heading, Motion and Temperature sensing solutions. The company also provides a range of underwater housings and a state of the art Flooded Member Detection system. ... More

ISA500: A range of underwater altimeter & echosounders with optional integrated AHRS*

ISD4000: A range of survey grade depth & temperature sensors with optional integrated AHRS*

ISM3D: Compact and high accuracy AHRS*

ISFMD: Flooded Member Detection System

ISP1 & 2: Subsea housing solutions for cameras, data loggers, batteries and miscellaneous applications

seaView: A powerful software suite for all Impact Subsea sensors and systems

Impact Subsea's solutions are used on underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and in numerous standalone underwater applications.

All sensors are extremely robust, small form factor, high reliability and lead the market in technical capability.
Chesapeake Technology is a leader in ocean geophysical and seafloor mapping solutions. Chesapeake Technology's flagship software solution, SonarWiz, is a high quality data acquisition and survey and mapping processing software suite that has set a new standard for ease, simplicity and quality. SonarWiz unifies and simplifies multi-sensor data sets, ... Moreincluding side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, bathymetry and magnetometers into a single GIS environment. It has changed the way the seafloor is mapped and viewed.

Chesapeake Technology also provides custom software design and engineering services for a wide range of sonar, sub-bottom, mapping and GIS applications, including NMEAWiz, ImageToSEGY, SonarWiz Shuttle and Survey Software Development Services.

Founded in 1995, the company now serves hundreds of customers worldwide, including many of the world's navies, leading academic institutions, survey companies and government agencies. Customers include NOAA, USGS, NAVO, Fugro and C&C Technologies.
AML Oceanographic is a top provider of hydrographic and oceanographic sensing systems, including the world's only automated real-time underway profiling solution. Supported by over 40 years of experience, we help survey organisations around the globe reduce data collection costs while improving data quality. The pioneer of time-of-flight sound velocity, ... Morewe are known for our field-swappable Xchange™ sensors and modular SVP, CTD, and multiparameter X•Series instrumentation. Our award-winning UV biofouling control reduces maintenance requirements of in-situ deployments by preventing marine growth on critical surfaces. Through proven technologies and outstanding service, we are committed to the success of our customers. We stand behind our promise, "We Make it Easy,"​ with financial guarantees. Visit our website to learn more.
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