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EdgeTech • CAT Coastal Acoustic Transponder

Product Type
Acoustic Locator
Product Snapshot
Product Name
EdgeTech CAT Coastal Acoustic Transponder
Product Type
Acoustic Locator
CAT Coastal Acoustic Transponder
The EdgeTech Coastal Acoustic Transponder (CAT) is ideal for deployments in coastal environments. The acoustic command structure is the same as that used in all of our underwater acoustic releases and transponders and is unsurpassed in multi-path environments. 

The CAT has been designed for use as an underwater instrument location and positioning aid. They have applications as part of the recovery system on oceanographic moorings and platforms. The precision, high output power and commandable transponder feature make these instruments ideal for use with positioning systems in difficult acoustic environments.

The CAT utilises EdgeTech's field proven Binary Acoustic Command System (BACS) code structure. The BACS coding structure provides 12,000 possible secure command codes. Each transponder is factory programmed with its own unique command set which includes transponder ENABLE, DISABLE. Whenever the instrument receives a command it responds with a status reply message which indicates the orientation of the instrument (tilted or not tilted).

The transponder function can be turned on or off with the ENABLE and DISABLE commands. When disabled the transponder will not reply when interrogated. This ensures that the unit will not interfere with nearby instruments and that no battery energy is wasted replying to interrogate signals meant for other systems
Features & Applications
Key Features
  • Easy maintenance
  • Small lightweight package
  • Full transponder capability
  • 2 year life on alkaline batteries
  • Secure command coding
  • Tilt/no tilt indications
  • Depth rating: 3,500 m
58 mm
8.8 mm
Weight (In Air)
6.4 kg
Weight (In Water)
2.57 kg
Housing: Hard-coated aluminum, epoxy painted
Acoustic Output
192 dB re 1 μPa
Receiving Sensitivity
100 dB re-1μPa metre
Depth Rating
3,500 m
Internal Power Supply
Alkaline batteries
Battery Life
Up to 2 years with alkaline batteries
EdgeTech PACS Portable Acoustic Command System
The PACS, Portable Acoustic Command System, is a highly versatile deck unit that can be used to control and range on EdgeTech's (formerly ORE Offshore) low frequency (LF) or medium frequency (MF) acoustic releases and transponders. The rugged, lightweight unit provides a highly intuitive user interface that allows you to go right to work, spending your valuable time in the field, not in training. The system is powered by an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery or A/C power. The PACS works with all standard EdgeTech acoustic transponding releases.
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