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Marine & Environmental Monitoring Solutions
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Ghent, Belgium
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2-10 employees
Coastal EngineeringDredging & Marine ConstructionMarine Renewable EnergyMarine Science & TechnologyOffshore Wind EnergyPorts, Harbours & TerminalsSubsea Cables & PipelinesTelecommunicationsPower/Utilities
About Us
Fluves offers innovative monitoring solutions to optimize water and energy management.

By using sensor networks and fiber optic systems, we can monitor industrial and environmental processes on several thousand points.

Our team combines expertise in hydraulics, geology, electro-mechanics and IT:

  • Thomas Van Hoestenberghe has 15 years of experience in industrial and environmental monitoring projects. He coordinates Fluves' projects.
  • Roel Vanthillo manages the electro-mechanical and automation topics of the products and projects.
  • Daan Renders performs GIS-analyses and models hydrodynamic and geomorphological processes based on the monitoring data.
  • Johan Van de Wauw is data scientist and software engineer.
  • Manly Callewaert is chemist with a lot of expertise in photonics technology.
  • Sacha Gobeyn is a bio-engineer who loves coding & modeling. His passion is to develop tools that can help solve problems or support decision management.
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Asset Management & IntegrityData & CommunicationEnvironmentalGeoscienceGIS & Remote SensingInspection, Repair & MaintenanceIT & SoftwareMeasurement & InstrumentationResearch & DevelopmentSubsea Cables & Pipelines
Belgian Offshore ClusterFlanders Maritime ClusterIAHRPIANC
The members of the Blauwe Cluster (Blue Cluster), a group of innovative private companies active in a wide range of sectors, have created an organisation dedicated to developing and promoting economic activities that are linked to the sea. They believe that enhanced cross-sector partnerships and better cooperation with knowledge centres and government ... Moreinstitutions, will lead to new and innovative investments and projects in the Belgian Part of the North Sea (BNS) and beyond, which are the anticipated solutions for a number of global challenges.

By fully incorporating cutting-edge small- and medium-sized companies in the cluster organisation and the innovation projects, the Blue Cluster ensures that they can accelerate their growth and leapfrog international competition. Apart from the infrastructural benefits, these solutions will create economic return for Flanders by creating new industries, opening up new markets for export and improving the competitiveness of the companies involved.
The most important tasks of Flanders' Maritime Cluster are the promotion, enhancement and development of marine and maritime activity in Flanders, Belgium. To make this a reality, we offer an annual program of activities in addition to our services. In order to optimally enjoy our offer as a company or organisation, you are cordially invited to become ... Morea member of Flanders' marine and maritime cluster organisation.
Affiliated Companies
Marlinks originated from the companies Fluves and Parkwind, when they decided to combine their knowhow and experience in cable monitoring in a new joint-venture. Fluves developed its technique of continuous burial depth measurement during a research project on onshore measurement. As the tool evolved, they noticed it would also be applicable in the ... Moreoffshore industry. Fluves started scanning several offshore wind developers for collaboration, and Parkwind immediately recognised the value of this innovative technique. They decided to join forces in a mutual research project: to investigate the use of the same technique for offshore power cables, and thus disruptively improving the risk monitoring in offshore wind operating. The program turned out to be successful, so a joint-venture was launched to commercialise the project results: Marlinks was born.
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