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Focus Offshore Services is run by professionals who have extensive experience working in the offshore environment. We know the industry, and we know the demands it places on personnel and equipment. At Focus Offshore, we appreciate the time critical nature of sourcing and deploying appropriately qualified personnel, and make responding to your resource requirements our priority.

We know that personnel are more than just the certificates they hold, and we ensure that all personnel are thoroughly vetted to ensure that you only get good people who understand how to operate in the industry.

We know that when you need people, you need them now - we specialise in providing short-notice and fast-turnaround crewing and staffing options to ensure that you don't risk productivity or output drops due to personnel shortages.

We can address all your skill shortfalls - from drilling to supervision and administration. We also provide a range of offshore equipment for hire, and can provide a range of equipment/operator packages to tailored suit your requirements.

At Focus Offshore, we take a pride in our service standards, and the level of follow-up and support we routinely provide to our staff and clients. We are quickly building a reputation based on good people, safe systems, and industry experience. We have the expertise and the resources to assist you with the challenges constantly thrown up in the offshore environment.

All our personnel hold current qualifications and relevant competencies, and have been selected by our recruitment staff to ensure that they have the experience and skills required to perform in the offshore environment. All competencies and certificates are regularly checked with the issuing bodies to ensure compliance to currency standards are maintained.
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Offshore Drilling ● Recruitment & Personnel
Geoquip Marine is a geotechnical data acquisition company. We provide offshore and nearshore site investigations, geophysical surveys and engineering services to clients worldwide. The Geoquip Marine Group is headquartered in Switzerland and operates globally with a presence in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Egypt and Nigeria.... More

Geoquip Marine is a specialist offshore geotechnics service provider, primarily focusing on heave-compensated drilling, sampling and in situ testing.

Geoquip Marine's in-house designed drill rigs operate in water depths from 10m to 3,500m. Besides downhole sampling and testing, Geoquip also provide a number of seabed in situ testing tools, including our 200kN (20 tonne) seabed Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) systems capable of acquiring continuous data up to 50m below seabed.

Geoquip Marine is at the forefront of deep water drilling developments for offshore geotechnical purposes. We currently operate a 120t drill rig capable of handling 2,500m of drill pipe and a 150t drill rig capable of handling 3,500m of drill pipe.

These spreads, are capable of handling up to 6m of heave compensation and have a full suite of downhole geotechnical sampling and in situ testing tools.
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