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GBT Offshore – Palermo (Italy)

GBT Offshore – Palermo (Italy) Logo

+39 091 526091

GBT Offshore
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Regional Office
Via Resuttana 414, 90146 Palermo, Italy
+39 091 526091
Geological and Biological Team (GBT Offshore) is a company started by a team of geologists, biologists and hydrologists specialised in providing services to the offshore & onshore energy, telecommunications and marine industries. GBT Offshore projects rely on accurate analysis of surveys and interpretation of data, ensuring that our clients receive ... Morethe best results for their project. We are committed to the success of each client's project. GBT Offshore has a hyper dynamic team spirit and it makes the provided services combined and supported by integrity, consistency and stability.

Our main goal is to provide quality service and accurately fulfill every client's projects technical and quality requirements. We view each customer's satisfaction as a primary objective. We work to provide precise interpretation, intelligent solutions, and rapid quality delivery. Our company is fresh and innovative, finding creative solutions to meet our clients' needs.

GBT Offshore personnel have substantial experienced in their fields, earned safety training certifications, and know how to use advanced and specialised equipment. GBT Offshore offers training to our employees to further their professional growth and development.