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GEO • 6m Geo-Corer 6000 Electric Vibrocorer

Product Snapshot
GEO 6m Geo-Corer 6000 Vibrocorer
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Electric Vibrocorer
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Geo-Corer 6000
Available Configurations
3m ● 6m
Key Features
  • Proven performance & high quality cores
  • 30 kN impulse at 30 Hz for fast penetration
  • Reliable, lightweight & cost effective
  • Modular construction (cores of 3 m or 6 m)
  • Pivoting core barrel for horizontal retrieval
  • Water injection for deep cores of 12 m and applications onshore & in transition zone
  • Optional pre-pressured or compensated model for deep water operation
High Frequency Vibration
The Geo-Corer 6000 Vibrocorer is a high frequency (28 Hz), electrically-driven vibrocoring system. It can penetrate fast (thereby enhancing the quality of the core) into all common unconsolidated sediments, including compact sands and stiff clays, and structureless chalk.

Deep Water Operation
The Geo-Corer, new models built after 2010, is rated to a maximum water depth of 300 m. It can be upgraded to the pressure-compensated version for operation in water depths down to 600 m and more.

Variable Coring Parameters
The two standard configurations are designed to take high quality cores of 3 m or 6 m length, in ordinary PVC liners with an internal diameter of 106mm. The penetration force can be adjusted by varying the deadweights on the vibrator head.

Lightweight Structure & Small Vessel Operation
This modular vibrocorer system can be assembled manually in less than 2 hours (a crane is required to bring it upright) and can be deployed from a relatively small vessel. Given its lightweight construction and smart pull-out system, it requires a limited hoisting power of maximum 5 tonne. Its low overall weight minimises transportation costs.

Pivoting Core Barrel Head
The pivoting corer head allows rapid change-out of the core barrel and easy retrieval of the core liner, while the vibrocorer remains in the upright position.
Vibrocorer Head
Vibrating Frequency
Power Requirements
Power: 380/440 V AC, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz Running Power: 2A to 6A (depending on soil type) Minimum Generator Power: 7.5kVA
Power Supply Cable
Standard 250m, Kevlar-reinforced, polyurethane insulated power supply cable on reel Optional 100 m version for shallow water (hand deployed)
Support Frame
Tower Height
7.4 m
Base Width
4.7 mm
Base Support
Foldable Base Frame ● Fixed Support Legs
Carbon steel, hot-dip galvanised (can be folded)
Corer Barrel
6 m
Diameter (Outside)
121 mm
Diameter (Inside)
113 mm
Barrel Release System
Non-Return Valve
Stainless steel 316
Sample Diameter
106 mm
Accessories & Consumables
The Geo-Corer 6000 Vibrocorer system includes the following components and consumables:
  • Core barrels
  • Cutting shoes
  • Core catchers
  • Pistons
  • PVC sample liners
  • Liner caps

We can offer a full range of optional accessories:
  • Hydraulic winches for A-frame launch and recovery
  • Hoisting winch cable
  • Longitudinal sample liner cutter
Data & Communications
Surface Control Unit
  • Rugged HMPE housing, protecting a watertight suspended electric power control unit that contains ampere meter, fuses, start and stop buttons, and green (ON) and red (OFF) LEDs.
  • Automatic end switch when fully penetrated
  • Acoustic height transducer with digital output via USB on control unit
Launch & Recovery
Launch & Recovery Requirements
  • Minimum 5 tonne crane or A-frame
  • Minimum 8.5 m height below A-frame
  • Minimum 12 m length free deck space for sample recovery
  • 14 mm anti-twist steel winch cable (type 35 x 7)
A-Frame ● Crane
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