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GEO • 6m Geo-Piston Corer

Product Snapshot
GEO 6m Geo-Piston Corer
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Piston Corer
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Available Configurations
Key Features
  • Modular and versatile system design - can be configured to 3 m, 6 m, 12 m, 18 m, 24 m and 30 m core barrel lengths
  • All system components fit in a standard 20ft container and can be easily configured quayside or onboard
  • Quality sample cores of 106 mm diameter
  • Intelligent regulated piston for optimised sample integrity and recovery
  • Additional trigger weight gravity corer for recovering soft surface sediments up to 1m length
The Geo-Piston Corer, including the unique launch and recovery system (LARS), has a modular design and is available in four standard lengths of 6 m, 12 m, 18 m and 24 m, but can be customised for your specific project anywhere from 3 m to 30 m lengths.

All systems components fit into a standard 20 ft container that can be used for transportation, storage and for operations offshore. All the carbon steel parts are hot-dip galvanised to protect against corrosion.

The system features a standard storage rack, a comprehensive selection of spares, and a complete set of tools for efficient and safe operation.
Corer Barrel
6 m
Diameter (Inside)
110 mm
Non-Return Valve
Stainless steel 316
Sample Diameter
106 mm
Accessories & Consumables
All consumables of the Geo-Piston are compatible with our vibrocoring systems, including:
  • Core barrels
  • Cutting shoes
  • Core catchers
  • Pistons
  • PVC sample liners
  • Liner caps
We can offer a full range of optional accessories:
  • Hydraulic over-the-side launch and recovery system (LARS)
  • Hydraulic Davit to assist with deployment
  • Hydraulic core extrusion device
  • Longitudinal sample liner cutter
Launch & Recovery
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Optional pre-pressured or compensated model for deep water operation
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