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Geophysical/Hydrographic Equipment
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Geoforce Group
Dartmouth, Canada
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2-10 employees
North America
Offshore Oil & Gas

About Us
Geoforce Group is an established Canadian ocean technology company providing products and services for global markets, predominantly in subsurface seafloor mapping. Its core product, the Geoforce DTS™ boomer/sparker sub-bottom profiler is a powerful deep-tow system that has evolved through continuous improvements and offers unsurpassed high-resolution subsurface mapping results from shallow to deep water.

Additionally, Geoforce offers a 4K deep-sea drop camera, the Geo-Digs digitiser with proprietary software for data acquisition and visualisation, as well as auxiliary equipment, such as the Geoforce Roller Sheave, which is designed for optimal operation of many deep-tow instruments.

Geoforce products have been designed for use in the world's toughest ocean environments, where reliability, ease of operation, accuracy and best data resolution are of paramount importance.
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Hydrography & Geophysics ● Inspection, Repair & Maintenance ● Measurement & Instrumentation
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Sensors & Instruments
The Geoforce DTS® deep-tow boomer/sparker system is a high resolution sub-bottom profiler incorporating the boomer and sparker subsystems in a single tow fish. The system has been designed for use in the world’s toughest offshore environments, where reliability, ease of operation, accuracy and optimal data resolution are of paramount importance.... More

Geoforce Group have implemented fully digital communications between the towed equipment and topside equipment, allowing in lossless hydrophone and sensor data. The Geoforce DTS® is the only system to have two acoustic sources integrated in the same tow body, the selection of the acoustic source can be controlled by the surface interface - Geoforce Cerebella.

The evolution of the Geoforce DTS® Boomer/Sparker Sub-Bottom Profiler over more than four decades is an important case study in successful Canadian Government/Private Sector collaboration (McKeown et al, 2014). It demonstrates how a survey tool can retain its competitiveness in global seafloor mapping through continuous improvements building on the solid Huntec DTS core technology.
Oceanology International, 13-15 March 2018, ExCeL, UK. Oceanology International, held in London in its 49th year, has firmly established itself as the world leading ocean technology marine science exhibition and conference. Every edition, Oceanology International brings together the latest technologies and thought leaders worldwide.... More

Attracting visitors from a variety of industries, including oil & gas, marine renewables and maritime defence, Oceanology International gives the opportunity for buyers and suppliers to do business in one location. Oceanology International offers structured networking opportunities to help suppliers establish relationships and secure business on a global scale.

The next show will take place from 17-19 March 2020 in London.
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+1 902 463 0932
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