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CPT System
Seabed CPT
Equipment Snapshot
DW ROSON 100 Seabed CPT
A.P. van den Berg
Equipment & Operator

Key Features
A.P. van den Berg's DW ROSON 100 is a proven seabed CPT system, deployed from a vessel with an A-frame or crane through a moonpool or over the side. The electrical wheel-drive system pushes the pre-assembled CPT string into the seabed. Wheel friction is imposed by hydraulic force. A self-tensioning electric winch with heave compensation feeds the umbilical for power supply and data communication.

Key Features
  • Proven wheel-drive system with a pushing force of 100kN
  • Option for second set of wheels to achieve 200kN
  • Deployable from medium to large vessel
  • 4,000m water depth rating, CPT depth up to 50m
  • Provided with technology to operate at high water pressures
  • Suitable for 10cm² Icone + click-on modules + Seabed Sampler XL
Height (Overall)
3 m
Length (Overall)
2.5 m
Width (Overall)
2.5 m
Weight (In Air)
10 t
Weight (In Water)
7.5 t
Thrust Machine
Depth Rating
4,000 m
Push Capacity
100 kN
Maximum thrust force
Pull Capacity
100 kN
Maximum pulling force
Penetration Length
50 m
Nominal penetration depth below seabed (subject to inherent soil conditions and operations)
Penetration Speed
Retraction Speed
Wheel Diameter
1,000 mm
Electrical Motors
2 x 1.5 kW
Cones, Modules & Accessories
The DW ROSON 100 Seabed CPT system works in conjunction with A.P. van den Berg's digital Icone data acquisition system, consisting of the Icontrol, Icones and the Ifield software for rea-ltime data presentation. It enables measurement of cone resistance (qc), local friction (fs), pore water pressure (u) and inclination (Ix/y). The Icone is easily extendable with click-on modules to measure other than the four standard parameters. The Icone Vane is available for the DW ROSON 100 and can be used at water depths up to 4,000m. The modules Conductivity, Magneto and Seismic can be used at water depths up to 1,000m.
Compatible Cones & Modules
10 cm² ConeConductivity ModuleMagnetometer ModuleSeismic ModuleShear Vane Tester
Seabed Frame
2,500 x 2,500 mm²
2.3 m
Lifting Point Height
2.9 m
Weight (In Air)
7 t
Weight in air (excluding ballast)