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The SEAS DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer is designed to recover high quality core samples up to 3m in length from a variety of soft sediments. Like all SEAS equipment, the DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer is manufactured from quality materials. With a range of core ... Morebarrel options available, the DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer can be configured for whatever your sampling program objectives are - environmental, contamination studies, anchor surveys, mineral exploration, sedimentology, etc.

The DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer can also be deployed with the SEAS PC-24L Long Piston Corer to acquire undisturbed surface samples that are often missed from long piston core samples.
The SEAS Piston Coring System is a robust multipurpose coring tool that can be configured for piston coring or gravity/drop coring in water depths to 7000m and core samples up to 24m in length.... More

The SEAS Piston Coring System can be easily mobilised by road or sea freight and can be configured on-site for different coring conditions.

The weight package can include up to ten 250kg weights to cater for varying seafloor conditions and core lengths. The core barrels include reuseable outer steel barrels and matching PVC or polycarbonate core liners to facilitate easy handling of core samples. For short cores, a single-use 3m aluminium barrel can also be used.

In addition to the main Piston Corer, a 1.5m Gravity/Drop Corer can also be attached to the trigger weight. This can provide a good sample of the uppermost sediments which are often disturbed in long piston or gravity cores.
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