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Daventry, United Kingdom
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11-50 employees
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Geotek specialises in high-resolution, non-destructive analysis of geological cores through the use of our Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) platforms.

Over the last 20 years Geotek have designed and built the MSCL platforms to be versatile and mobile automated core logging systems that are capable of collecting a multi-parameter stratigraphy. In addition to our MSCL capabilities, Geotek have also developed a cabinet-based X-Ray machine (MSCL-XCT) that can acquire high resolution (<100 micron) 2D radiographs (images) at any angle, and computer tomography (CT) scans. We are providing our equipment and services to science and industry worldwide.

A team of talented individuals ranging from Geoscientists, Engineers, Software Developers and Electricians at Geotek design, build, and operate our instruments.

Geotek also offer core logging services both at our core logging laboratory in Daventry, UK, and in the field (offshore and onshore) using temperature controlled mobile containerised laboratories. Geotek's field core logging services allows our clients to receive data in near-real time as samples are being collected.

Methane hydrate has long been a focus for Geotek, and now we offer integrated services supplying wireline coring services (both conventional and pressure coring), and core handling and analysis services (especially pressure cores). Geotek have also designed the Pressure Core Analysis and Transfer System (PCATS) and the PCATS Triaxial system. PCATS provides essential pressure core handling and analysis infrastructure. In situ pressures are maintained while cores are transferred from coring tools, analysed in detail using X-Ray CT, P-wave Velocity and Gamma Density, cut into subsamples, and transferred into test chambers for advanced laboratory testing. PCATS Triaxial performs advanced mechanical tests on samples that have never been depressurised.
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