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Surfer is a 2D & 3D mapping, modelling and analysis software package developed by Golden Software. In a world packed with roadblocks, rules, and limitations, Surfer has none. Surfer enhances your innovative ability and empowers you to get the project done quickly and accurately. Use the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use contouring and 3D surface mapping package to display your hard-earned data.


Innovate Easily

Don't let difficult software programs stress you out. Creating presentation-quality maps is quick and easy with Surfer. Directly download a seemingly infinite number of maps from any web mapping service. Use Surfer's data manipulation tools to massage your data to achieve the exact output you desire. This outstanding program will quickly interpolate your XYZ data into useful, functional maps. Your data is represented at its best with Surfer.

Take Control

When it comes to customising your maps, settle for nothing less than what Surfer delivers. Surfer gives you the control to transform your data into spectacularly informative maps. Extensive customisation options are at your fingertips for complete control over your map's final display. Overlay or stack maps then scale, tilt, or rotate for the best data presentation possible. All aspects of your map are accessible for one-click editing.

Command Performance

Surfer picks up where other software packages leave off. Utilise the most extensive set of gridding methods and gridding parameters when you use Surfer to create your high-precision maps. You will be blown away by the speed at which Surfer interpolates your regularly or irregularly spaced data

and the resulting map will amaze any audience. Surfer's all-encompassing gridding capabilities are in a league all of their own.

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