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Golden Software
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About Us
Golden Software is a leading provider of affordable scientific graphics software. Founded in 1983, its customer base includes over 100,000 users involved in hydrocarbon exploration, mining, engineering, business, education, and medicine in 186 countries and territories. Golden Software offers seven products: Surfer for contour and 3D surface mapping, Voxler for 3D data visualisation, Grapher for 2D and 3D graphing, MapViewer for thematic mapping and spatial analysis, Didger for digitising and coordinate conversion, Strater for well log and borehole plotting, and Raster Tools add-in to ArcMap for raster dataset creation.

All products are user-friendly, include numerous advanced features, and support all popular import/export formats. Golden Software keeps customers satisfied by providing them with high-quality, easy-to-use software and the best technical support offered anywhere, via phone, fax, email, and the website. All technical support is free with the purchase of their products.
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IT & Software
Eliminate subsurface uncertainty. Achieve insight and clarity by transforming raw, subsurface data into understandable well logs, borehole models, and cross sections/profiles. Easily create professional geotechnical reports that clearly communicate important information with Strater.
Model data with striking clarity in every dimension. With Voxler’s extensive 3D modeling tools, it is easy to visualise multi-component data for geologic and geophysical models, contamination plumes, LiDAR point cloud, borehole models, or ore body deposit models. Distinguish areas of interest, highlight important information, and easily communicate ... Moreyour newfound knowledge to stakeholders in three dimensions.
Grapher is a full-featured scientific graphing package, allowing the user to import data in many formats, create and combine a wide variety of 2- and 3-D plot types, and customise the plots in infinite detail.
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