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Equipment Snapshot
WISON-APB 100 Wireline CPT
A.P. van den Berg
Equipment & Operator
Key Features
The WISON-APB-Classic is capable of performing cone penetration tests (CPTs) and taking soil samples at depths up to 550 m (water depth + drilling depth). It requires a drill string with an inner diameter of at least 101.6 mm (4") and a drill tower clearance of 11 m. The WISON-APB 100 version has a pushing capacity of 100kN and is capable to performing tests with a 1m and 3m stroke length. The WISON-APB 100 comes with an electric winch that is self-tensioning for heave compensation. The winch allows the tool to travel at a maximum speed of 2 m/s inside the drill string.

Key Features
  • Proven wireline CPT system with a pushing force of 100kN
  • Water depth + drilling depth up to 550m
  • CPT stroke of 1m or 3m
  • Suitable for 5cm² and 10cm² Icones (up to 100MPa tip resistance)
  • Suitable for soil sampling with the Push or Piston Sampler
  • Remote-controlled and electrical constant tensioning winch, power pack, mast and sheave block
  • Software for realtime data acquisition and control
  • Works in conjunction with Dando 9000 rotary drill rig
Tool Length
5.43 m
Tool Diameter
90 mm
Drill String Diameter
101.6 mm
Thrust Machine
Depth Rating
550 m
Push Capacity
100 kN
Maximum thrust force
Penetration Speed
20 mm/s
Stroke Length
1 m
Cones, Modules & Accessories
Compatible Cones & Modules
5 cm² Cone10 cm² ConeConductivity ModuleMagnetometer ModuleSeismic ModuleShear Vane Tester
Soil Sampling
Tube Length
995 mm
Sample Length
895 mm
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+44 1797 280050