Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm

Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm

Atlantic Ocean
Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm

Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm

Project Snapshot
Noirmoutier Offshore Wind Farm
Atlantic Ocean

Project Capacity
496 MW
No. of Turbines
Turbine Capacity
8 MW
Turbine Manufacturer
Siemens Gamesa
Turbine Model
SG 8.0-167 DD
Grounded - Jacket
Supply Chain
Key Participants
SEMTIG provides geo-engineering and project management services to the Offshore Renewables and Oil & Gas industries throughout Europe and beyond. We deliver a niche service based on geological understanding directed at providing engineering solutions, particularly in the areas of offshore and marine geotechnical site investigations.... More

We deliver high level technical skills to a wide range of clients, including EPCI contractors, engineering consultants, research organisations, and other consultants and professionals.

Our core services include:

Supervision and Guidance of Geotechnical Site Investigations

Geotechnical drilling (e.g. Geobor S and API methods)

Cone penetration testing (e.g. seabed CPT, wireline CPT, and top-push CPT methods)

In situ pressuremeter testing (e.g. high pressure dilatometer (HPD), reduced pressuremeter (RPM), and self-boring pressuremeter (SBP) methods)

Wireline geophysical logging (e.g. P-S suspension logging)

Geotechnical laboratory testing programmes (e.g. engineering soil and rock description and classification, classification testing, geochemical testing, total and effective shear strength testing, and advanced/bespoke testing for offshore foundation design analysis)

Offshore Support and Personnel

Provision of Offshore Client Representatives, Works Managers, Project Managers, and Party Chiefs for offshore, nearshore, and inshore operations

Support during mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels and platforms (e.g. mobilisation/demobilisation plans, QHSE plans and method statements, deck layout optimisation, procurement of technical equipment and services, and contractor/subcontractor management

Training and Professional Development

Offshore geo-engineering skills training (e.g. engineering logging of soil and rock, offshore laboratory testing, data processing and interpretation etc)
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