OSIL • 6m High-Power Electric Vibrocorer

Product Snapshot
OSIL 6m High Power Electric Vibrocorer
Environmental ● Geotechnical
Electric Vibrocorer
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High Power VC10000
Available Configurations
Key Features
  • Easy to assemble, modular system offering cores of 3m, 6m, 9m or 12m system
  • Depth rated to 600m water depth
  • High power vibrator motors engaged once unit is on the sea floor to drive the core barrel into the bed.
  • Unit designed for easy horizontal recovery to the vessel, and easy recovery of the core on deck
  • High-quality 96mm diameter samples
  • Cutting shoe and core catcher specifically designed to minimise sample disturbance
OSIL's 6m High Power Vibrocorer has been designed as an easy to use, easy to transport modular vibrocoring system capable of collecting samples up to 6m length in 600m water depth.
Depth Rating
600 m
Height (Overall)
6.75 m
Weight (Overall)
2,925 kg
Total weight in air
Vibrocorer Head
Power Supply
415V 3-phase supply 1 off 9.6kW motors or 415V 3-phase supply 1 off 4.0kW motors
83/43A start-up current
16/8A operational current
Vibration Force
89 kN
Support Frame
Tower Height
6.75 m
Tower Width
1.2 mm
Tower Sections
3m sections
Base Width
5 mm
Base Support
Fixed Base Frame ● Fixed Support Legs
Corer Barrel
6 m
Diameter (Outside)
114 mm
Barrel Release System
Liner Diameter (Inside)
96 mm
Sample Diameter
96 mm
Accessories & Consumables
OSIL can supply the following sampling accessories and consumables for vibrocoring operations:
  • Corer barrels (carbon steel)
  • Sample liners (PVC liners available in choice of black, grey, and UV-stabilised opaque)
  • Cutting shoes
  • Core catchers (316 stainless steel catchers available in a range of finger thicknesses (standard 0.25mm) and diameters)
  • Sample liner end caps (push fit polyethylene core caps available in a range of materials, colours, and diameters. Operating temperature range -40°C to +66°C to ensure sample integrity)
Control & Instrumentation
OSIL can integrate the following sensors and instrumentation to its vibrocorer systems:
  • Heat flow sensors (temperature; thermal conductivity/resitivity measurements)
  • Inclinomoters
  • Penetration depth
  • Penetration rate
  • Additional sensors on request
InclinationPenetration DepthPenetration RateTemperatureThermal Conductivity/Resistivity
Launch & Recovery
OSIL's 6m High Power Vibrocorer can be deployed and recovered via a range of methods, including A-frame and hoisting winch, or deck crane, ensuring equipment and personnel safety during operations.
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