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Ocean Innovations
La Jolla, United States
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North America
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Ocean Innovations represents many of the leading manufacturers of underwater equipment and marine technology. The products we provide are used by oceanographic researchers, commercial, military and scientific divers, hydrographic surveyors, environmental engineers, defense contractors, and the offshore industry.

Products include acoustic modems, acoustic releases, altimeters, antifouling coatings, batteries, cable, cable reels, cameras, connectors, CTDs, current meters, data telemetry, flotation spheres, GPS receivers, iDive iPad Housings, lasers, lights, (re)location products, mechanical and hydraulic, motion reference/positioning & data transfer systems, navigation, pressure housings, pressure relief valves, pressure testing, resin/splice kits, side scan sonars, mechanical sonars, multibeam sonars, survey sensors, tide gauges, tracking systems, video cameras, water sample bottles, wave gauges & buoys, and winches.

Our product lines include SubConn, MetOcean and Novatech beacons, Marshall Underwater, DeepSea Power & Light, Tritech, BellaMare, Birns, Deep Trekker, Falmat Cable, Guatek, iXBlue, Inertial Labs, Nautilus Marine Service, Meridian Technologies, Teledyne SeaBotix, Teledyne RDI, SeaLeutians, 3M Scotchcast Resin Kits, and many more.

We also offer consulting services for customised projects at nearly all levels.
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Data & CommunicationEquipment RentalGeoscienceGeotechnicalHealth & SafetyHydrography & GeophysicsInspection, Repair & MaintenanceIT & SoftwareMaritime & ShippingNavigation & PositioningOceanographySurvey & Site InvestigationTesting & Calibration
Tritech, a Moog Inc. company, is a high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in underwater applications. Tritech operates in many professional underwater markets, including; Defence, Energy, Engineering, Survey and Underwater Vehicles and remains an industry leader in the provision of ... Moresensors and tools for ROV and AUV markets.

Moog Inc. is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision control components and systems. Additional information about the company can be found at www.moog.com.

Tritech is pleased to announce it has been assigned a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code #7ER79 and are now registered with the System for Award Management (SAM); permitting us to trade directly with the US Federal Government.
Teledyne SeaBotix is a world leading manufacturer of MiniROV systems with a pedigree of underwater expertise. A dedication to providing a capable underwater solution unlike anything else. Teledyne SeaBotix continues to be a pioneer in the development and manufacture of observations class MiniRoVs, providing the widest range of capable MiniROVs in the ... Moreworld with more sensor options than any other. No other MiniROV systems offer the highest level of performance, intuitiveness, and value for a diverse range of applications.

Equipped with a variety of standard features and extremely maneuverable, the Teledyne SeaBotix vehicles are 1 or 2 person portable, yet large enough to carry a complement of sensors such as sonar on a stable, controllable, and precise platform. All systems perform a multitude of tasks and are designed for harsh underwater environments.

Product Goals:
The company goal is to create an outstanding product that follows four (4) basic guidelines:

Capability – "The ability necessary to do something"
LBV must be capable of real work in real environments. To accomplish this it must have powerful thrusters, small diameter tether, adequate depth capability, large range of view and be a flexible platform for options.

Intuitive – "Known directly and instinctively, without being discovered or consciously perceived"
LBV must be simple to operate even to the most novice of operators. To accomplish this the controls must be simple, it must have auto functions, it must have an on screen information display and user programmable options.

Rugged – "Physically strong enough to endure harsh conditions, or used to enduring them"
LBV must be rugged enough to withstand the harsh environments in which it will be operated. To accomplish this it must be constructed of durable materials, possess several safety circuits and have easily field serviced components.

Value – "The worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody"
By combining capability, intuitiveness, ruggedness and affordability the LBV is an exceptional value to the user.

LBV has become a success through the efforts not only of SeaBotix but those of the users. A cooperative effort including valuable feedback has created such a useful and powerful tool. Read through the website and find out why LBV is such an exceptional product.
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