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Vehicle Class
Hydrographic Survey ASV
Equipment Snapshot
Vehicle Name
Vehicle Type
Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV)
Vehicle Class
Hydrographic Survey ASV
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Oceanalpha SL20 Hydrographic ASV is designed for water discharge measurement and hydrographic surveys. The SL20 ASV is compatible with different brands of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and single beam sonar, such as Teledyne RD Instruments' Workhorse Rio Grande, RDI, SonTek's RiverSurveyor S5/M9 ADCP, and LinkQuest's FlowQuest ADCP.

The SL20 ASV weighs only 12kg weight which makes it maneuverable, compact, and easily handled and operated by one person. It is also small enough in size that it can easily fit in the back of an SUV or trunk of a sedan. Capable of reaching a maximum speed 5.5 m/s (10.7 knots), and observable within a 2km communication control range, the SL20 ASV is suitable for most water current environment.

SL20 ASV is specially designed for hydrographic surveying and bathymetric measurement. Its optimised unmanned vessel style reduces the impact of water current on voyage and noise on the measuring instruments to the maximum extent.

SL20 ASV is made of carbon fibre and fibre glass with anti-corrosion, anti-wave, low temperature resistance properties, and is mounted with two propellers to avoid aquatic plants and garbage twining.
1.05 m
0.55 m
0.3 m
0.15 m
14 kg
Payload (Max)
10 kg
9.7 knots
Indicative survey speed
Typically 2 hours (@ 2.5 m/s)
Power & Propulsion
Dual Brushless 24V DC Outdrive
SonTek RiverSurveyor S5 and M9 ADCP (Compatible)
LinkQuest FlowQuest ADCP (Compatible)
Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse Rio Grande ADCP (Compatible)
Control & Communications
2km remote control range
2km data telemetry range
Differential steering
Autonomous Control ● Remote Control ● Semi-Autonomous Control
Materials & Construction
Carbon fibre and fibre glass
Launch & Recovery
Davit ● Manual Handling
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