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C-Cat 3 has been developed to complement the existing ocean-going L3 ASV vehicles for survey and support tasks where a smaller vehicle is better suited to missions. The design incorporates a large payload bay to enable flexibility of payloads used. ... More

The shallow draft and small size of the vehicle enables deployment in littoral areas and its modular construction facilitates the fitting of a range of scientific above and below water payloads.

C-Cat-3 includes the core functionality proven in all L3 ASV vehicles and systems and thus is a reliable and robust platform for path planning, autonomy research and scientific experimentation with payloads.
C-Enduro is a long endurance autonomous surface vehicle used to safely and cost effectively collect data at sea. Built to operate in all marine environments, C-Enduro uses energy harvesting technology combined with an efficient self-righting hull. ... More

C-Enduro's unprecedented payload capacity and power enables the use of a combination of payloads during any one mission. Use of the C-Enduro can dramatically reduce the cost of data collection by removing the need for traditional survey vessels.

Use of mission planning and waypoint setting can often result in a more accurate dataset.
C-Worker 5 is the ideal platform to support hydrographic survey work. Designed as a force multiplier to enable increased survey coverage and minimised weather risk through reduced survey duration. C-Worker 5 is reliable through simplicity, utilising an off the shelf direct drive marine diesel propulsion system operated by L3 ASV's proven ASView control ... Moresystem. This system integrates quickly and easily with a wide variety of acquisition systems, enabling line plans to be uploaded to the system for accurate data collection.

C-Worker 5 is designed for up to 7 days endurance at survey speeds of up to 7 knots, minimising launch and recovery operations and increasing survey efficiency.
Collects core samples of up to 3m in length Totally customisable design including weights and core length Easily replaceable carbon steel core catcher and core cutter Reliable and easy to operate
Collects core samples of up to 6m in length Totally customisable design including weights and core length Easily replaceable carbon steel core catcher and core cutter Reliable and easy to use
The SEAS DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer is designed to recover high quality core samples up to 3m in length from a variety of soft sediments. Like all SEAS equipment, the DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer is manufactured from quality materials. With a range of core barrel options available, the DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer can be configured for whatever your sampling ... Moreprogram objectives are - environmental, contamination studies, anchor surveys, mineral exploration, sedimentology, etc.

The DC-01S Gravity/Drop Corer can also be deployed with the SEAS PC-24L Long Piston Corer to acquire undisturbed surface samples that are often missed from long piston core samples.
Easily configured on-site for different coring conditions Core samples from 3m to 24m length Depth rating to 7,000m Hydrostatic safety pin release mechanism to prevent tripping during deployment through splash-zone Optional 1.5m gravity corer can also be attached to the trigger weight ... More

Optional SENSR multi-axis accelerometer in titanium housing
Modular and versatile system design - can be configured to 3 m, 6 m, 12 m, 18 m, 24 m and 30 m core barrel lengths All system components fit in a standard 20ft container and can be easily configured quayside or onboard Quality sample cores of 106 mm diameter ... More

Intelligent regulated piston for optimised sample integrity and recovery

Additional trigger weight gravity corer for recovering soft surface sediments up to 1m length
Proven performance & high quality cores 30 kN impulse at 30 Hz for fast penetration Reliable, lightweight & cost effective Modular construction (cores of 3 m or 6 m) Pivoting core barrel for horizontal retrieval Water injection for deep cores of 12 m and applications onshore & in transition zone ... More

Optional pre-pressured or compensated model for deep water operation
Easy to assemble, modular system offering cores of 3m, 6m, 9m or 12m system Depth rated to 600m water depth High power vibrator motors engaged once unit is on the sea floor to drive the core barrel into the bed. Unit designed for easy horizontal recovery to the vessel, and easy recovery of the core on deck ... More

High-quality 96mm diameter samples

Cutting shoe and core catcher specifically designed to minimise sample disturbance
The Teledyne RESON TC2122 Acoustic Transducer is a 33 kHz and 200 kHz dual-frequency transducer ideal for navigation and hydrographic echosounder systems. The transducer has excellent piezoceramic elements which will ensure the highest reliability and quality in echosounding. It's compatible with the Teledyne ATLAS Hyfrographic SW 60/28/6029 housing ... Moreand Teledyne RESON steel housings.
The Teledyne Benthos ALP-365 Acoustic Locator Pinger is an advanced acoustic device that is versatile in the offshore environment. It's rugged aluminum housing ensures long life under extreme conditions. The unit is water activated.
The Teledyne Benthos ALP-365/EL Acoustic Locator Pinger is an advanced acoustic device that is versatile in the offshore environment. It uses six 9V alkaline or lithium batteries, and operates up to 180 days in extreme conditions. It has the same features as the ALP-365, but with extended battery life. The unit is water activated.
The Teledyne Benthos ATM-920 Series Acoustic Telemetry Modems represents the next-generation in acoustic modem technology. The ATM-920 Series modem provides wireless communications in up to 2000m water, and comprises a hard-coat anodised aluminum housing, integrated transducer, and internal batteries.
The Teledyne Benthos R2K Mid-Water Acoustic Transponding Release is a full-function acoustic release in a rugged and compact stainless steel housing for use in depths to 2,000 m and loads up to 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs).
The EdgeTech Coastal Acoustic Transponder (CAT) is ideal for deployments in coastal environments. The acoustic command structure is the same as that used in all of our underwater acoustic releases and transponders and is unsurpassed in multi-path environments. ... More

The CAT has been designed for use as an underwater instrument location and positioning aid. They have applications as part of the recovery system on oceanographic moorings and platforms. The precision, high output power and commandable transponder feature make these instruments ideal for use with positioning systems in difficult acoustic environments.

The CAT utilises EdgeTech's field proven Binary Acoustic Command System (BACS) code structure. The BACS coding structure provides 12,000 possible secure command codes. Each transponder is factory programmed with its own unique command set which includes transponder ENABLE, DISABLE. Whenever the instrument receives a command it responds with a status reply message which indicates the orientation of the instrument (tilted or not tilted).

The transponder function can be turned on or off with the ENABLE and DISABLE commands. When disabled the transponder will not reply when interrogated. This ensures that the unit will not interfere with nearby instruments and that no battery energy is wasted replying to interrogate signals meant for other systems
The Valeport MIDAS SVP is the most accurate Sound Velocity Profiler in the world. As well as using Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor, it now comes as standard with a 0.01% pressure sensor. Every detail from the sensor accuracy through the titanium construction to the large memory and choice of communications methods has been considered ... More- we truly believe it to be the ultimate
Valeport's MIDAS CTD+ is a revolutionary Multiparameter CTD, with a wide choice of standard sensors. Featuring Valeport's latest 400 Series electronics, the CTD+ will sample all fitted sensors at exactly the same instant, at up to 8Hz. Advanced setup software allows a variety of sampling regimes including burst modes, delay starts, and conditional ... Moresampling. With up to 64 MB memory and internal battery pack, as well as a selection of real time output formats, the CTD+ is perfect for both profiling or fixed mooring applications. In addition, the CTD+ may be used with Valeport's own water bottle carousel.
The Double Eagle SAROV package enhances the capabilities of the Double Eagle family of ROVs and creates an ROV/AUV hybrid. The addition of autonomous operation and underwater docking capability means that the Double Eagle SAROV can be operated both with and without a tether, thereby increasing its range and versatility.... More

Double Eagle SAROV comes in two main configurations:

Mine reconnaissance – performed both remotely and autonomously

Mine disposal
The Seaeye Falcon ROV is the choice of many leading operators for capability, versatility and the ability to get the job done. Lightweight and portable they go where they're needed - inshore, offshore, down tunnels or for flyaway operations. Available with a choice of options, tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcons make an ideal platform for achieving ... Morenumerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.
The Saab Seaeye Jaguar ROV represents a new era in ROV design and continues the long tradition of innovation and excellence that Saab Seaeye is world renowned for. As the largest vehicle in Saab Seaeye's range, the Seaeye Jaguar introduces a new concept in control and power distribution that ensures reliability and complete redundancy throughout the ... Morevehicle. Easy self diagnostics and the ability to fix problems while the vehicle is working are a key part of the new control software. It gives precise control and is designed with an easy to use interface so that the system can be easily reconfigured.

The core Seaeye Jaguar vehicle is split into two identical halves, each half is completely independent and can be isolated from the other. Essentially two ROVs in one, providing total system redundancy throughout.

With a standard operational depth of 3000 m (and options of up to 6000 m) and an extensive tooling capability, most subsea applications are within its range and capabilities
Surfer is a 2D & 3D mapping, modelling and analysis software package developed by Golden Software. In a world packed with roadblocks, rules, and limitations, Surfer has none. Surfer enhances your innovative ability and empowers you to get the project done quickly and accurately. Use the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use contouring and 3D ... Moresurface mapping package to display your hard-earned data.
Depth rated from <100 m to full ocean depth Sampling an area of 0.1 m2 Large box sample Minimal contamination Easy to use Reliable operation Rugged construction Well proven design
Depth rated from <100 m to full ocean depth Sampling an area of 0.1m² Lightweight construction allowing deployment from smaller boats Minimal contamination Easy to use Reliable operation Well proven design
Neptune 5000 Seabed CPT System – designed, created and developed by Datem Ltd – is a coiled rod Cone Penetration Test (CPT) system. It features a 35kN push capacity, 20m test penetration, real-time control and data acquisition with in-built automatic safety cut-outs. It is situated within a compact frame to allow for easy deployment from smaller survey ... Morevessels via an A-Frame or deck crane.

Key Features

5cm2 detachable cone, 10cm2 cone, and T-Bar cone

35kN push capability

Up to 20m penetration

Easily deployed compact subsea frame

Real-time control & display

Single coax connection for power & data

Automatic safety cut-outs

Low maintenance, low consumable use

Easy to operate Windows-based PC control
Grapher is a full-featured scientific graphing package, allowing the user to import data in many formats, create and combine a wide variety of 2- and 3-D plot types, and customise the plots in infinite detail.
Model data with striking clarity in every dimension. With Voxler’s extensive 3D modeling tools, it is easy to visualise multi-component data for geologic and geophysical models, contamination plumes, LiDAR point cloud, borehole models, or ore body deposit models. Distinguish areas of interest, highlight important information, and easily communicate ... Moreyour newfound knowledge to stakeholders in three dimensions.
Eliminate subsurface uncertainty. Achieve insight and clarity by transforming raw, subsurface data into understandable well logs, borehole models, and cross sections/profiles. Easily create professional geotechnical reports that clearly communicate important information with Strater.
Oceanalpha's ESM30 ASV is an autonomous water sampling and monitoring autonomous surface vehicle (ASV/USV) designed to provide a fast response to sudden water pollution accidents in difficult or challenging environments, and to conduct water sampling tasks in lakes, rivers or reservoirs.... More

The ESM30 uses GPS location tracking to follow preset waypoints and mission parameters, navigating autonomously while intelligently avoiding obstacles up to 10 m ahead. It can integrate third-party probes, such as YSI, hydrolab and eureka, for online data acquisition and the creation of water quality contour maps.
Go beyond your basic logs with gINT Professional. You can report and manage subsurface data in almost any way with custom reports including graphics, photos, charts, maps, and more. The software helps you manage borehole, well logs, CPT, and geophysical logs. You can also create fence diagrams, graphs, tables, and any other imaginable report.... More

gINT Professional enables you to:

View subsurface data from Google Earth

Publish data in Web-based GIS

Visualise subsurface data in ArcGIS

Import/Export gINT reports into design, modelling, and analysis software such as Bentley's civil applications or AutoCAD

Because everyone has different needs and requirements, gINT provides multiple applications.

gINT Logs offers high-end boring and well log data management and reporting

gINT Professional builds on the data management and reporting capabilities of gINT Logs and allows you to use the same data to create fence diagrams, graphs, tables, and virtually any other imaginable report

gINT Professional Plus takes gINT to the next level with SQL Server support for efficient, centralized data management and powerful multi-project reporting
Slide2 is a powerful, user-friendly, 2D slope stability analysis program using limit equilibrium method. Slide2 can be used for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls. Slide2 includes built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis, probabilistic analysis, multi-scenario modeling, and support design.
Mariscope's Commander MK III ROV is manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel, and is TIG handwelded, and crystal blasted. The complete modular design allows the individual customisation of the system. Most ROVs have pre-formed flotation devices with fixed payloads. In the case of the Mariscope ROVs, the flotation can be changed according to the ... Moreequipment installed onboard the vehicle.

Payload may vary up to 100% if necessary. 'Easily adapted' is the key feature of Mariscope's ROVs.

The Commander MK III is equipped with 6 vectorised thrusters, and is depth rated to 500m. Full HD/4K cameras in the front and back, installed with high output LED floodlights on individual tilting mechanisms, provide a unique video quality. The wireless steering console and the wireless video transmission, combined with the video console and recording unit, all of which are installed in heavy-duty Pelican cases, make the system highly
transportable and flexible.

The umbilical is a special ROV cable neutrally buoyant for sea water. Its diameter is 16 mm and has a Kevlar reinforcement allowing a tensile force of 2000 kg.
The Wave Glider revolutionises how we explore and understand the world's oceans by gathering data in ways or locations previously too costly or challenging to operate. Powered by waves and solar energy, the Wave Glider is an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) that allows organisations to build a network of sensors to better understand all aspects of ocean ... Moreactivity.
Oceanalpha's M40 is a multi-purpose ASV compatible with multibeam, singlebeam, side scan sonar, and ADCP payloads. With autonomous navigation function and environmental sensing technology, M40 is able to conduct hydrographic survey, water current measurement, gravity magnetic field measurement, underwater target detection and other survey tasks automatically.
Oceanalpha SL20 Hydrographic ASV is designed for water discharge measurement and hydrographic surveys. The SL20 ASV is compatible with different brands of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and single beam sonar, such as Teledyne RD Instruments' Workhorse Rio Grande, RDI, SonTek's RiverSurveyor S5/M9 ADCP, and LinkQuest's FlowQuest ADCP. ... More

The SL20 ASV weighs only 12kg weight which makes it maneuverable, compact, and easily handled and operated by one person. It is also small enough in size that it can easily fit in the back of an SUV or trunk of a sedan. Capable of reaching a maximum speed 5.5 m/s (10.7 knots), and observable within a 2km communication control range, the SL20 ASV is suitable for most water current environment.

SL20 ASV is specially designed for hydrographic surveying and bathymetric measurement. Its optimised unmanned vessel style reduces the impact of water current on voyage and noise on the measuring instruments to the maximum extent.

SL20 ASV is made of carbon fibre and fibre glass with anti-corrosion, anti-wave, low temperature resistance properties, and is mounted with two propellers to avoid aquatic plants and garbage twining.
Oceanalpha's ME40 Hydrographic Survey ASV is a revolutionary force in the hydrologic investigation field. Mainly used for reservoir storage surveys, dredge monitorin, bathymetric hydrology surveys, and tailings dam and pond surveys, the ME40 ASV features an extremely shallow draft, making it ideal for exploration on offshore coasts, shoals and reefs. ... MoreME40 ASV is a platform with autopilot capabilities, controlled by auto and manual mode switches and a new concept of hydrographic survey integrated with RTK GPS navigation and singlebeam sonar (SBES) payload, offering accurate information by inertial navigation system (INS), generating visible data diagrams, correct survey data in real-time, and accurate and efficient marine surveys.
Oceanalpha's M80 Multi-Role Work Class ASV is mainly used for hydrographic and oceanographic survey, covering the areas of underwater exploration, scouting and patrol, water quality monitoring, topographic survey, and maritime emergency and rescue.
Oceanalpha SURF20 Hydrographic ASV is designed for water discharge measurement and hydrographic surveys. The SURF20 ASV is compatible with different brands of singlebeam sonars (SBES) and acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP), including Teledyne RD Instruments' Workhorse Rio Grande, RDI, SonTek's RiverSurveyor S5/M9 ADCP, and LinkQuest's FlowQuest ... MoreADCP.

The SURF20 ASV weighs only 13kg weight which makes it maneuverable, compact, and easily handled and operated by one person. It is also small enough in size that it can easily fit in the back of an SUV or trunk of a sedan. Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 5.5 m/s (10.7 knots), and observable within a 2km communication control range, the SURF20 ASV is suitable for most water current environment.

SURF20 ASV is specially designed for hydrographic surveying and bathymetric measurement. Its optimised unmanned vessel style reduces the impact of water current on voyage and noise on the measuring instruments to the maximum extent.

SURF20 ASV is made of carbon fibre and fibre glass with anti-corrosion, anti-wave, low temperature resistance properties, and is mounted with two propellers to avoid aquatic plants and garbage twining.
Oceanalpha's CL40Y Hydrography Survey ASV is a small, exquisite and intelligent measurement vessel, which provides a convenient and safe way of flow measurement for operators. It is made of high strength glass fabric composite material, which is very sturdy and durable. It is also compatible with different brands of acoustic doppler current profilers ... More(ADCP), including SonTek, RDI, LinkQuest, and Nortek.
Oceanalpha's ME120 Hydrography Survey ASV is a small, exquisite and intelligent measurement vessel, which provides a convenient and safe way of flow measurement for operators. It is made of high strength glass fabric composite material, which is very sturdy and durable. It is also compatible with different brands of singlebeam echosounders (SBES), ... Moremultibeam echosounders (MBES), acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP), and side scan sonars (SSS).
Oceanalpha's L30 Fire Control & Rescue ASV is a high-speed, intelligent, and adaptable surface vehicle equipped with professional fire water cannons. L30 ASV is the latest intelligent platform designed for maritime disaster investigation at close range, fire fighting, and search and rescue. The vehicle carries one or two lift rafts or lift rings ... Morewhich can be controlled and thrown remotely by firemen to rescue the victims.
Oceanalpha's M75 High Speed Security Patrol ASV offers innovative solutions to security and protection, patrol, investigation and evidence collection , which is a new intelligent platform for hydrographic survey, marine ecological environment protection, fishery supervision and accident rescue, also applying to Port Public Security Bureau, Water Police, ... MoreCoast Guard, Frontier Defense as well as Fishery Administration.
The AQUAlogger® 310TY is a compact instrument that measures turbidity to 10,000FTU (typical), with optional integral temperature and pressure sensors. It can be used in freshwater and ocean environments, with models for shallow and deep water. The logger also features a tool to convert turbidity to suspended sediment concentration using in situ samples.
The AQUAscat® 1000R represents a new generation of high frequency acoustic instrumentation. It has applications in sediment transport studies, including measurement of suspended sediment profiles, precision altimetry, dredge plumes and turbulence.... More

The AQUAscat transmits pulses of high frequency sound on up to four transducers, each of which may operate at a different frequency. It measures the sound scattered by sediment or other suspended materials at discrete spatial intervals programmable from 2½ millimetres to 4 centimetres. For altimetry, this may span a few tens of centimetres; for monitoring sediment suspension profiles, a total range of around 1-2 metres is typical; while dredge plume estimation may extend to 10 metres. The instrument is supplied in a subsea housing suitable for long-term unattended deployments. Batteries for various deployment schedules are available to order.
H2Omni-X USV is the first commercially-ready unmanned survey vessel (USV) from H2O-Robotics. H20mni-X has already been delivered dozens of times to worldwide partners and clients, giving them versatility and the latest technology in a single vehicle.... More

H2Omni-X is an autonomous unmanned surface platform specialised for seafloor and surface surveying, mapping and inspection.

Thanks to innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment, it can also serve as a support vehicle for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) or divers by providing two-way communication, tracking and monitoring of equipment and personnel. Due to its modular and clever design, it can easily be operated by a single person, ensuring logistics and deployment are simpler than with any other similar vehicle!

By using different sensors on board or configuration options, the platform can be modified for a new mission in under an hour!
The Teledyne SeaBotix LBV300-5 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is the ultimate in underwater inspection versatility for a wide range of applications including maritime security, aquaculture, port and harbor inspection, infrastructure inspection, and more. The system features dual vertical thrusters, increased stability and an optional Crawler Skid.​
A.P. van den Berg's DW ROSON 100 is a proven seabed CPT system, deployed from a vessel with an A-frame or crane through a moonpool or over the side. The electrical wheel-drive system pushes the pre-assembled CPT string into the seabed. Wheel friction is imposed by hydraulic force. A self-tensioning electric winch with heave compensation feeds the umbilical ... Morefor power supply and data communication.

Key Features

Proven wheel-drive system with a pushing force of 100kN

Option for second set of wheels to achieve 200kN

Deployable from medium to large vessel

4,000m water depth rating, CPT depth up to 50m

Provided with technology to operate at high water pressures

Suitable for 10cm² Icone + click-on modules + Seabed Sampler XL
Ocean Module's revolutionary V8 Sii (Search, Identification and Intervention) Mini Observation ROV is the latest edition to the AUS-ROV remotely-operated vehicle arsenal. With an eight T110 vectored thruster arrangement and extremely advanced control system, the V8 Sii ROV allows its Pilot to fly with 360° freedom of movement in six dimensions. Any ... Moredesired angle and position can be held indefinitely, at any depth, as required.

The Pilot Control Unit (PCU) provides all the controls an ROV Pilot needs to handle the V8 Sii ROV in one simple handheld unit. These include speed, direction, depth, pitch, roll, trim, light intensity, camera pan and tilt, and autopilot.

The Surface Unit (SU) provides the power required to operate the V8 Sii ROV. For added safety it includes constant insulation monitoring with a warning LED as well as automatic cut-out. It also has an interface for all the inputs and outputs, such as telemetry, video, sonar, Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

Ocean Modules provides a variety of cables for use with the V8 Sii ROV. The standard cable is a 12mm neutral buoyancy cable housing power conductors and three twisted pairs for control, video, sonar and other sensors. It is available for lengths of up to 500m and can withstand strain of up to 500kg. A fibre optic option is also available for HD video, longer tethers and higher bandwidth requirements.
Robertson Geo's PS Logger Probe is a low-frequency acoustic sonde designed to measure compressional (P) and shear-wave (S) velocities in soils and soft rock formations. It operates using indirect excitation rather than mode conversion as in a conventional sonic. It is capable of acquiring high resolution P and S wave data in borehole depths of up to ... More600m in water.

The PS Logger probe contains a unique design of powerful hammer source and two receivers, separated by acoustic damping tubes. To acquire data, the probe is stopped at the required depth and the source is fired under surface command. Firing causes a solenoid-operated shuttle aligned across the borehole axis to strike plates on opposite sides of the probe in turn, setting up a pressure doublet in the surrounding fluid. The resultant fluid motion produces a tube wave at the borehole wall with velocity close to the shear velocity of the formation together with a compressional wave.

As the waves propagate parallel to the borehole axis, they set up corresponding fluid movements that are detected by the two neutral buoyancy 3D hydrophone receivers and geophones, allowing the wave velocity to be determined. The facility to stack multiple shots and filter the data as in normal seismic data acquisition is included in the operating software.
The WISON-APB-Classic is capable of performing cone penetration tests (CPTs) and taking soil samples at depths up to 550 m (water depth + drilling depth). It requires a drill string with an inner diameter of at least 101.6 mm (4") and a drill tower clearance of 11 m. The WISON-APB 100 version has a pushing capacity of 100kN and is capable to performing ... Moretests with a 1m and 3m stroke length. The WISON-APB 100 comes with an electric winch that is self-tensioning for heave compensation. The winch allows the tool to travel at a maximum speed of 2 m/s inside the drill string.

Key Features

Proven wireline CPT system with a pushing force of 100kN

Water depth + drilling depth up to 550m

CPT stroke of 1m or 3m

Suitable for 5cm² and 10cm² Icones (up to 100MPa tip resistance)

Suitable for soil sampling with the Push or Piston Sampler

Remote-controlled and electrical constant tensioning winch, power pack, mast and sheave block

Software for realtime data acquisition and control

Works in conjunction with Dando 9000 rotary drill rig