Primo Marine – Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Primo Marine – Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Primo Marine – Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

+31 10 240 9821

Primo Marine
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Head Office
Haringvliet 76, 3011 TG Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Netherlands
+31 10 240 9821
Primo Marine is an independent specialist with a wealth of expertise in subsea cabling and pipeline engineering, from landfalls to subsea marine infrastructures. With an extensive track record, including the provision of expertise to many of the largest European installation projects. ... More

Primo Marine provides the following comprehensive portfolio of services:

Engineering Pre-Construction Phase - Route Analysis, Route Optimisation & Protection

Engineering Installation Phase - cable protection and other seabed interventions

Project Management

QHSE Management Corporate & Project

Operations & Maintenance - Business Continuity & Emergency Response

Construction Support

Client Representation

Tender Evaluation, Procurement & Financial Support

Innovation Development