Product Name
Available Configurations
Depth Rating
Height (Overall)
Box Length
Box Width
Box Height
Sampling Area
Frame Length
Frame Width
Frame Height
Wire Load (Max)
Vibration Force
Tower Sections
Base Width
Base Support
Barrel Release System
Sample Diameter
Sample Area
Launch & Recovery
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Depth rated from <100 m to full ocean depth Sampling an area of 0.1m² Lightweight construction allowing deployment from smaller boats Minimal contamination Easy to use Reliable operation Well proven design
Depth rated from <100 m to full ocean depth Sampling an area of 0.1 m2 Large box sample Minimal contamination Easy to use Reliable operation Rugged construction Well proven design
Easy to assemble, modular system offering cores of 3m, 6m, 9m or 12m system Depth rated to 600m water depth High power vibrator motors engaged once unit is on the sea floor to drive the core barrel into the bed. Unit designed for easy horizontal recovery to the vessel, and easy recovery of the core on deck ... More

High-quality 96mm diameter samples

Cutting shoe and core catcher specifically designed to minimise sample disturbance
Collects core samples of up to 3m in length Totally customisable design including weights and core length Easily replaceable carbon steel core catcher and core cutter Reliable and easy to operate
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