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The Teledyne SeaBotix LBV300-5 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is the ultimate in underwater inspection versatility for a wide range of applications including maritime security, aquaculture, port and harbor inspection, infrastructure inspection, and ... Moremore. The system features dual vertical thrusters, increased stability and an optional Crawler Skid.​
Ocean Module's revolutionary V8 Sii (Search, Identification and Intervention) Mini Observation ROV is the latest edition to the AUS-ROV remotely-operated vehicle arsenal. With an eight T110 vectored thruster arrangement and extremely advanced control ... Moresystem, the V8 Sii ROV allows its Pilot to fly with 360° freedom of movement in six dimensions. Any desired angle and position can be held indefinitely, at any depth, as required.

The Pilot Control Unit (PCU) provides all the controls an ROV Pilot needs to handle the V8 Sii ROV in one simple handheld unit. These include speed, direction, depth, pitch, roll, trim, light intensity, camera pan and tilt, and autopilot.

The Surface Unit (SU) provides the power required to operate the V8 Sii ROV. For added safety it includes constant insulation monitoring with a warning LED as well as automatic cut-out. It also has an interface for all the inputs and outputs, such as telemetry, video, sonar, Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

Ocean Modules provides a variety of cables for use with the V8 Sii ROV. The standard cable is a 12mm neutral buoyancy cable housing power conductors and three twisted pairs for control, video, sonar and other sensors. It is available for lengths of up to 500m and can withstand strain of up to 500kg. A fibre optic option is also available for HD video, longer tethers and higher bandwidth requirements.
Lighthouse's Teledyne Gavia Offshore Surveyor AUV is a self contained, low logistics, modular survey platform, capable of delivering high quality data while operating from vessels of opportunity or from shore.... More

The Gavia AUV comprises multibeam echosounder (MBES), side scan sonar (SSS) and sub-bottom profiler (SBP) payload and allows Lighthouse to perform detailed surveys down to 1,000m water depth and to work very close to platforms and targets. Very easy deployment, great data quality, and fast survey execution are the main benefits of the Gavia AUV.
Blue Robotics BlueROV2 — The World's Most Affordable High-Performance ROV Ocean research, exploration, and adventure are all made easily accessible by our flagship product, the BlueROV2. It provides the capabilities of a high-end commercial miniROV at ... Morethe price of the most basic commercial ROVs, making the BlueROV2 the world's most affordable inspection and research-class subsea vehicle.

The smooth, stable, and highly maneuverable ROV is comprised of six thrusters, a rugged frame, and quickswappable batteries. Powerful but dimmable lights provide excellent illumination for the live HD video feed.

Like all Blue Robotics products, we created the BlueROV2 with high-quality parts, meticulous design, and rugged reliability with proven success in the field.

Equipped with six powerful T200 thrusters and Basic ESCs, the BlueROV2 has the best thrust-to-weight ratio in its class to perform demanding tasks. It is ideal for operations in shallow to moderate waters, with a standard 100m depth rating and up to 300m tether lengths available. 

The BlueROV2 uses the open-source ArduSub software and PixHawk autopilot to provide autonomous capabilities rarely seen in mini ROVs and hackability paralleled by none. Blue Robotics actively develops and updates its software to enhance the BlueROV2's functionality.

Your vehicle will arrive almost-ready-to-dive, with pre-built sub-assemblies and instructional materials to make the experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Additional items including the topside computer, gamepad controller and batteries are not included.

At Blue Robotics, we are committed to creating quality products that are accessible to any explorer.
The Double Eagle SAROV package enhances the capabilities of the Double Eagle family of ROVs and creates an ROV/AUV hybrid. The addition of autonomous operation and underwater docking capability means that the Double Eagle SAROV can be operated both with ... Moreand without a tether, thereby increasing its range and versatility.

Double Eagle SAROV comes in two main configurations:

Mine reconnaissance – performed both remotely and autonomously

Mine disposal
The Seaeye Falcon ROV is the choice of many leading operators for capability, versatility and the ability to get the job done. Lightweight and portable they go where they're needed - inshore, offshore, down tunnels or for flyaway operations. Available ... Morewith a choice of options, tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcons make an ideal platform for achieving numerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.
The Saab Seaeye Jaguar ROV represents a new era in ROV design and continues the long tradition of innovation and excellence that Saab Seaeye is world renowned for. As the largest vehicle in Saab Seaeye's range, the Seaeye Jaguar introduces a new concept ... Morein control and power distribution that ensures reliability and complete redundancy throughout the vehicle. Easy self diagnostics and the ability to fix problems while the vehicle is working are a key part of the new control software. It gives precise control and is designed with an easy to use interface so that the system can be easily reconfigured.

The core Seaeye Jaguar vehicle is split into two identical halves, each half is completely independent and can be isolated from the other. Essentially two ROVs in one, providing total system redundancy throughout.

With a standard operational depth of 3000 m (and options of up to 6000 m) and an extensive tooling capability, most subsea applications are within its range and capabilities
Mariscope's Commander MK III ROV is manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel, and is TIG handwelded, and crystal blasted. The complete modular design allows the individual customisation of the system. Most ROVs have pre-formed flotation devices with ... Morefixed payloads. In the case of the Mariscope ROVs, the flotation can be changed according to the equipment installed onboard the vehicle.

Payload may vary up to 100% if necessary. 'Easily adapted' is the key feature of Mariscope's ROVs.

The Commander MK III is equipped with 6 vectorised thrusters, and is depth rated to 500m. Full HD/4K cameras in the front and back, installed with high output LED floodlights on individual tilting mechanisms, provide a unique video quality. The wireless steering console and the wireless video transmission, combined with the video console and recording unit, all of which are installed in heavy-duty Pelican cases, make the system highly
transportable and flexible.

The umbilical is a special ROV cable neutrally buoyant for sea water. Its diameter is 16 mm and has a Kevlar reinforcement allowing a tensile force of 2000 kg.