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For over 40 years Robertson Geo has pioneered the development of wireline logging instrumentation technologies and techniques.

The comprehensive range of geophysical logging solutions and software is developed and built at its North Wales manufacturing and calibration centre. On-site test facilities include a 100m test borehole, calibration blocks, ovens and autoclaves capable of testing complete probe assemblies in "real world" conditions, providing a full suite of traceable calibration and quality assurance data.

From the Arctic to Australia, from coal mines to windfarms, energy developments to sky-reaching superstructures, Robertson Geo technologies have been used to acquire quality geophysical data from over 160 countries around the globe. As an end user of its own products, the Robertson Geo engineering feedback loop from direct field experience fosters a continuous improvement culture driven by own use, leading to mature systems that are truly "industry hardened" innovative products.

Robertson Geo believes safety and quality assurance to be of prime importance in executing an efficient and safety-focused approach to field investigations, and the satisfaction of client requirements. You can be sure that Robertson Geo technologies are easy to work with, validated and ready to go. All sales and service activities are reinforced by focussed development engineering and manufacturing teams to provide comprehensive technical support and the reassurance only an OEM can offer.

Highly trained field engineers are available to be deployed for borehole logging services to any location worldwide. Downhole probes and surface equipment is offered for purchase, lease to buy (GeoKey®) or rental offering a range of flexible options for any project requiring calibrated wireline logging data of proven quality and reliability.
Services & Activities
EngineeringEquipment RentalGeoscienceGeotechnicalManufacturing & FabricationMeasurement & InstrumentationResearch & DevelopmentSurvey & Site InvestigationTesting & Calibration
Logging service crews for worldwide deployment ● Supply and rental of wireline logging equipment and technologies
Certifications & Accreditations
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority Approved Training Provider
APPEA Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association
ASME S American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Power Boilers (S) Certificate
ASME U American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Pressure Vessels (U) Certificate
ASME U2 American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Pressure Vessels (Alternative Rules for Pressure Vessels) (U2) Certificate
CAA United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority
CHAS Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
City & Guilds City & Guilds Approved Centre
EN 1090 Structural/Contsruction Steel & Aluminium Products
GWO Global Wind Organisation Accredited Training Provider
HSE United Kingdom Health & Safety Executive
IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety & Health
ISAA International Spill Accreditation Association
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
ISO 27001 Information Security Management
ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO/IEC 17025 Testing & Calibration Laboratories
ISO/TS 29001 Oil & Gas Quality Management
MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Approved Training Provider
MNTB Merchant Navy Training Board Centre Recognition
NATA National Association of Testing Authorities (Australia)
NEBOSH National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health
NOGEPA Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie
OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management System
OPITO Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation
PAS 99 Integrated Management Systems
RYA Royal Yachting Association Recognised Training Centre
SCC**/VCA** Safety Certificate Contractors (More than 35 Employees)
SCC*/VCA* Safety Certificate Contractors (Up to 35 Employees)
SCCP Safety Certificate Contractors for Petrochemicals
SCP Safety Certificate Personnel Leasing
UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service
UKSpill UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme
ISO 9001
Equipment & Solutions
Sensors & Instruments
Robertson Geo's High Resolution Optical Televiewer (Hi-OPTV) provides a continuous very high resolution oriented image of the borehole walls using a conventional light source. A unique optical system based on a fisheye lens allows the probe to survey 360 degrees simultaneously. This information is processed in real time to produce a complete 'unwrapped' ... Moreimage of the borehole oriented to magnetic north. The probe offers superior resolution to the High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HRAT) and produces images in real colour. While, unlike the HRAT, it can operate in air-filled boreholes, it is unsuitable for boreholes containing mud or cloudy fluids.

WellCad™ Image-Processing Software
WellCad™ is a Windows-based package for processing, interpreting and displaying acoustic and optical televiewer image logs. Standard log presentations include tadpole and stick plots, stereographic projections of poles to planes and azimuth frequency diagrams. The synthetic core display allows convenient comparison of log and field data for orientation of fractured or incomplete core sections.
Robertson Geo's 3-Arm Caliper probe provides a single continuous log of borehole diameter, as recorded by three mechanically coupled arms in contact with the borehole wall. 710mm, 1000mm and 1500mm range calipers are available to suit a range of well diameters. The caliper is a useful first log to determine the borehole conditions before running more ... Morecostly probes or those containing radioactive sources.

Principle of Measurement
Opening and closing of the motor-drivercaliper arms is by surface command, allowing the probe to run into the borehole with the arms retracted. Once opened, the spring-loaded arms respond to borehole diameter variations as the probe is raised up the borehole.
Robertson Geo's Density Guardlog probe uses dual shielded detectors to provide a borehole compensated density measurement with good bed-boundary resolution, similar to the Formation Density probe. The Density Guardlog probe offers an additional LL3 focussed electrical measurement with good vertical resolution and depth of investigation.... More

Principle of Measurement
The Density Guardlog probe contains a detachable 137Cs gamma source and two scintillation gamma detectors. The active windows of the source and detectors are maintained in contact with the borehole wall by a motorised caliper arm. Gamma radiation back-scattered by the formation (Compton effect) reaches the detectors where the relative count rates provide a measure of formation density.
Case Studies
The project was to investigate the small strain moduli of the sea bed down to 45m using the Robertson Geo PS Logger. The acquired data would then be used to calculate the parameters for constructing the Vesterhav Offshore Wind Farm off the North West coast of Denmark. The geologic formations were typically sands, clays and mudstone.... More

Logging was conducted from the support vessel Freja, which has a compensated drilling platform. The PS Logger provided high resolution, shear wave and compressional velocity data in rock and soils at depths up to 500m, from measurements within a single borehole. Often it proves technically superior and more cost effective than a downhole or cross-hole seismic survey.

Thirteen boreholes were logged over a period of 10 weeks to obtain the P and S wave velocities of the sea bed down to approximately 45m at 1m intervals. These velocities were then applied to the small strain moduli equations with the addition of density, to give Shear, Bulk and Youngs modulus.

The logging probe was successfully deployed with 100% reliability; boreholes were logged from approximately 45m up to the overburden casing. Following logging operations, the operator would quickly process the data acquired. Robertson Geo Engineers were on-board the Freja throughout the project and available for logging through 24 hours each day.
Robertson Geo service engineers are highly trained and fully certified for offshore work. Logging on offshore locations demands versatility of both crews and equipment to get the job done. Here, the 2,000m marine winch has been suspended in the gantry to deploy geophysical probes for offshore subsurface investigation near New Bedford, Massachusetts, ... MoreUSA.

If you look carefully you can just about see the Robertson Geo logging crew behind the marine winch in this image of the set up prior to logging.

Working experience by Robertson Geo offshore logging crews has led to the introduction of the 2,000m marine winch, designed to resist corrosive and saline conditions. Precision engineered for reliable use in the most challenging offshore applications, the marine winch is fully compatible with the Micrologger2 surface data acquisition system and the full range of probes to depths of 2,000m.
The customer required information to assist with constraining parameters for modelling the development and planning of a proposed sea wall and port. This required logging a framework to investigate boreholes in a shallow water tidal area where the proposed sea wall and marine offloading facility would be constructed off the north coast of Anglesey.... More

Borehole depth was 10-80m - a suite of probes was used to identify fractures, fault patterns and ground stability, including Optical Televiewer, High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer, Full Waveform Sonic and Borehole Geometry with inbuilt X and Y calliper. Surface equipment was a 2,000m winch with 3/16” core cable, connected to a Micrologger system.

Logging of 26 holes was successfully completed over a period of two months. The Robertson Geo team supported two jack-up rigs, with Engineers on 24 hours availability over the duration of the project. The jack-up rigs were accessed from a small rib boat that docked at nearby Cemaes Bay.
PDAC: The World's Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention is the leading convention for people, companies and organisations in, or connected with, mineral exploration. In addition to meeting over 1,000 exhibitors, 3,500 investors and 25,600 attendees from 135 countries, you can also attend technical sessions, short courses and networking ... Moreevents. The four-day annual convention held in Toronto, Canada, has grown in size, stature and influence since it began in 1932 and today is the event of choice for the world's mineral industry.
This September the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg is the biggest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide. It combines the world’s leading expo for wind energy - WindEnergy Hamburg and the global conference of WindEurope to create a high-powered, unique platform for business, networking and information - onshore and offshore. These ... Moretwo top events, the expo and the conference, will be held side by side from 25 to 28 September 2018 at the Hamburg Messe site.

Exhibitors, visitors and conference participants are expected from some 100 countries. In nine exhibition halls more than 1,400 exhibitors will be present and some 35,000 trade visitors are expected. The WindEurope Conference, to be held inside the exhibition, features more than 500 speakers and presenters, providing a first-class programme on the issues facing the global wind industry for round about 2,000 delegates.
Geoquip Marine is a geotechnical data acquisition company. We provide offshore and nearshore site investigations, geophysical surveys and engineering services to clients worldwide. The Geoquip Marine Group is headquartered in Switzerland and operates globally with a presence in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Egypt and Nigeria.... More

Geoquip Marine is a specialist offshore geotechnics service provider, primarily focusing on heave-compensated drilling, sampling and in situ testing.

Geoquip Marine's in-house designed drill rigs operate in water depths from 10m to 3,500m. Besides downhole sampling and testing, Geoquip also provide a number of seabed in situ testing tools, including our 200kN (20 tonne) seabed Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) systems capable of acquiring continuous data up to 50m below seabed.

Geoquip Marine is at the forefront of deep water drilling developments for offshore geotechnical purposes. We currently operate a 120t drill rig capable of handling 2,500m of drill pipe and a 150t drill rig capable of handling 3,500m of drill pipe.

These spreads, are capable of handling up to 6m of heave compensation and have a full suite of downhole geotechnical sampling and in situ testing tools.
G-tec provides specialised geotechnical engineering services, as well as marine geophysical surveys and marine environmental surveys. In particular, our services are targeted to customers active in dredging, offshore renewable energy, ports and coastal development, infrastructure and civil engineering, pipelines and cables, and mining and quarrying.
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