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Vehicle Class
Heavy Work Class ROV (WROV)
Equipment Snapshot
Vehicle Name
Jaguar ROV
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Class
Heavy Work Class ROV (WROV)
Jaguar ROV
Saab Seaeye
Depth Rating
3,000 m
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The Saab Seaeye Jaguar ROV represents a new era in ROV design and continues the long tradition of innovation and excellence that Saab Seaeye is world renowned for.

As the largest vehicle in Saab Seaeye's range, the Seaeye Jaguar introduces a new concept in control and power distribution that ensures reliability and complete redundancy throughout the vehicle. Easy self diagnostics and the ability to fix problems while the vehicle is working are a key part of the new control software. It gives precise control and is designed with an easy to use interface so that the system can be easily reconfigured.

The core Seaeye Jaguar vehicle is split into two identical halves, each half is completely independent and can be isolated from the other. Essentially two ROVs in one, providing total system redundancy throughout.

With a standard operational depth of 3000 m (and options of up to 6000 m) and an extensive tooling capability, most subsea applications are within its range and capabilities
2,200 mm
1,330 mm
1,500 mm
Weight (In Air)
2,100 kg
Payload (Max)
225 kg
Construction Materials
The extremely rugged polypropylene and stainless steel chassis has been designed to maximise free water flow through the ROV. Materials and design are balanced to create an incredibly lightweight chassis, maximising strength and stiffness in support of a 1 Te through frame lift capability and rigid mountings for manipulators, TDUs, tools and sensors.
Depth Rating
3,000 m
Speed Range
Input Power
3-phase / 380-480 VAC / 50/60 Hz
ROV & Tooling
75 kVA
Tether Management System (TMS)
8 kVA
TMS Propulsion (Option)
28 kVA
Launch & Recovery System (LARS)
150 kVA (typical)
  • Forward thrust = 325kgf
  • Lateral thrust = 290kgf
  • Vertical thrust = 225kgf
  • Falcon SM8 & SM7 brushless 500 V DC thrusters
  • 4 x SM8 vectored horizontal thrusters
  • 4 x SM7 vertical thruster
  • Velocity feedback control
As standard, the Seaeye Jaguar is fitted with a combined compass and inertial measurement unit (IMU) which provides 6 degrees of freedom motion measurement for enhanced azimuth stability, autos and dynamic positioning.

This core equipment can be augmented by additional high performance sensors which will feed directly into the control algorithms running in the surface control unit (SCU).

Autopilot functions include:
  • Auto heading
  • Auto depth
  • Auto pitch / auto roll and stabilisation
  • Auto altitude (optional)
  • Full DP capabilities (optional)
Autopilot Functions
Auto DepthAuto HeadingAuto AltitudeAuto Pitch/RollDynamic Positioning (DP)
Cameras & Lighting
Four individually controlled lighting channels are provided as standard, each with their own brilliance control on the pilot's hand control unit (HCU). Any light on the ROV and the TMS can be mapped to those controls.

As standard, the Seaeye Jaguar is fitted with 6 high-luminosity durable LED lamps, and additional lighting can be readily added to the system.
Launch & Recovery
A-Frame ● Crane ● LARS
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