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Sandpiper • Self-Elevating Platform

Vessel ID
MMSI 312259000
Vessel Snapshot
Vessel Category
Jack-Up Barge ● Self-Elevating Platform
Vessel Operator
Call Sign
Combifloat C-5 Modular Self Elevating Platform
Platform Type
Build Yard
Lankelma's C-5 Self-Elevating Platform "Sandpiper" allows geotechnical drilling, borehole investigation, and cone penetration testing (CPT) testing in waters up to 15m depth. The 18m by 12m platform is modular, allowing it to be transported by road, with the pontoons assembled on site using a simple coupling system. This makes it ideal for easy handling and assembly in remote locations, where conventional equipment cannot be used.
Activities & Capabilities
Drilling ● Geotechnical Surveys
Current Location
Main Dimensions
Length Overall
18.3 m
12.2 m
Hull Depth
1.52 m
Max Draft
1.1 m
Free Deck Area
220 m2
Max Deck Load
15 t/m2
Jacking System
Elevating Spudwell (Hydraulic)
Manifold C-5
Jacking Capacity
80 t/leg
Speed Up
14 m/h
Legs & Spudcans
No. Legs
Leg Type
Leg Length
27.3 m
Leg Diameter
0.76 m
Jacking Conditions
Wave Height (Max)
0.7 m
Survival Conditions
Water Depth (Max)
19.5 m
Wave Height (Max)
3 m
Wind Speed (Max)
120 m/s
Air Gap
3.5 m
Equipment & Assets
Lankelma can operate Sandpiper on a 24-hour basis or customers can hire it as a standalone unit, supplied with a range of equipment, including:
  • Downhole CPT (Wison-APB and top-push rams)
  • Dando 9000 and 4000 cable percussion and rotary drill rigs
  • Hydraulic deck-mounted crane and jacking unit power pack
  • Whisperwatt 3‐phase 25kVa Generator
  • Navigation system and VHF radio
  • Air-conditioned work units for welfare, storage and workshop facilities.
Cone Penetration Testing
The WISON-APB-Classic is capable of performing cone penetration tests (CPTs) and taking soil samples at depths up to 550 m (water depth + drilling depth). It requires a drill string with an inner diameter of at least 101.6 mm (4") and a drill tower clearance of 11 m. The WISON-APB 100 version has a pushing capacity of 100kN and is capable to performing ... Moretests with a 1m and 3m stroke length. The WISON-APB 100 comes with an electric winch that is self-tensioning for heave compensation. The winch allows the tool to travel at a maximum speed of 2 m/s inside the drill string.

Key Features

Proven wireline CPT system with a pushing force of 100kN

Water depth + drilling depth up to 550m

CPT stroke of 1m or 3m

Suitable for 5cm² and 10cm² Icones (up to 100MPa tip resistance)

Suitable for soil sampling with the Push or Piston Sampler

Remote-controlled and electrical constant tensioning winch, power pack, mast and sheave block

Software for realtime data acquisition and control

Works in conjunction with Dando 9000 rotary drill rig
Case Studies
Lankelma carried out multi-disciplinary geotechnical and geophysical investigations for a jetty extension, construction of a new bauxite-handling jetty and dredging of an approach channel at a Container Terminal in Guinea. The jetty was being extended by 500m and a new berthing pocket dredged, to allow barges to offload bauxite. The new 500m long Jetty ... Moreis due to be built to the south of the existing Jetty. Investigations also covered the 17km approach channel being dredged in the estuary.

Lankelma used its Combifloat C5 Jack-Up Platform "Sandpiper" to carry out cone penetration tests (CPTs) up to 23m deep and drill geotechnical boreholes to 50m through the underlying clays, silts, gravels, laterites and into the underlying sandstone.

Along with offshore piston sampling and thin-wall push sampling, the investigation included nearshore CPT and drilling, geotechnical laboratory testing, data interpretation and correlation, and geotechnical reporting.

Lankelma's former sister companies – Gardline Geosurvey and Alpine Ocean Seismic Surveys – undertook bathymetric and geophysical surveys, metocean surveys, tide gauge installation and monitoring. Vibrocores were also carried out using a client-chartered vessel along the approach channel to ground truth the results of the geophysical survey.

The team had to overcome major logistical and health challenges (including the outbreak of the Ebola Virus) and maintained good communications and relations with the client and its engineering consultant throughout.
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