Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies 2018 (SPSC18)

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies 2018 (SPSC18)

Event Location
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies 2018 (SPSC18)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Event Snapshot
Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies 2018
Start Date
Tuesday, 2 Oct, 2018
End Date
Wednesday, 3 Oct, 2018
Main Port Hotel, Schiedamsedijk 140, 3011 EN Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Industries & Sectors
Maritime & Shipping ● Science & Technology
The Netherlands

About the Event
"The digital transformation requires more parties than ports alone. It is the shipping industry as a whole and the entirety of players along the chain that have to progress towards common goals – not simultaneously but as much as possible steadily. Those failing to move from manual and polluting, to automated and clean, to electronic and paperless, to connected and collaborative, to intelligent and smart, will fall behind." - Wolfgang Lehmacher, World Economic Forum.

How many times have you heard that collaboration is the answer? That the world is changing and we need to change too? That we need a 'chain' of interacting actors to link logistics?

Then think how many times have you heard real, penetrating conversations on how we’re going to do the above?

We believe it is time to create our own answers for the industry.

You can see that smart ports are engaging in incredibly modern practices that are drawing in the wider supply chain and digital innovation, yet we need to begin talking with each other to create a standard for tomorrow today.

In Rotterdam, Europe's premier port city, replete with mega-terminals and dynamic start-ups, we are going to bring the supply chain together.

By featuring the world's top tech analysts, futurists, consultants, and supply chain executives, we want to stride into the unknown and chart new territory.

In this world, you’re either a disruptor, or you’re disrupted. So, make sure you're on the right side of history.

Who will be attending?
Port Authorities, Port Management Companies and Consultancies, End-to-End Supply Chain Software Providers, Container Terminals, Terminal Operators, Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders, IoT Companies, System Integrators, Tech Giants, Tech Start-ups, Incubators, Cargo Owners, Cargo Insurance Companies, Infrastructure Developers, Financiers and Investors, Security Providers, Leading University Professors, Supranational Organisations, Regulatory Bodies and Think Tanks.

Contact Info
+44 2078 710123