Thomas Van Hoestenberghe - Marlinks - Technology Manager

Thomas Van Hoestenberghe – Marlinks

Job Title
Technology Manager
Thomas Van Hoestenberghe has over 15 years of experience in hydraulic and geotechnical monitoring and modelling techniques in Belgium and abroad. He is a bio-engineer specialised in soil and water management, with a bonus background in law and electronics.

Thomas holds an MBA from Vlerick and is the managing director of Fluves. He is currently leading the VLAIO R&D project, further developing the Marlinks technology.
Contact Info
Technology Manager
+32 470 19 35 50
Company Profile
Marlinks originated from the companies Fluves and Parkwind, when they decided to combine their knowhow and experience in cable monitoring in a new joint-venture. Fluves developed its technique of continuous burial depth measurement during a research project on onshore measurement. As the tool evolved, they noticed it would also be applicable in the ... Moreoffshore industry. Fluves started scanning several offshore wind developers for collaboration, and Parkwind immediately recognised the value of this innovative technique. They decided to join forces in a mutual research project: to investigate the use of the same technique for offshore power cables, and thus disruptively improving the risk monitoring in offshore wind operating. The program turned out to be successful, so a joint-venture was launched to commercialise the project results: Marlinks was born.