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Seabrook, Australia
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About Us
Total Hydrographic are your certified Hydrographic Surveyors and Marine Mapping/GIS professionals.

Our services include:
  • Multibeam surveys
  • Single beam surveys
  • Pre- & post- dredging surveys
  • Hazard detection surveys
  • Under keel clearance surveys
  • Marine habitat mapping
  • Side scan sonar surveys
  • Marine cartography
  • GIS consulting
  • Creation of navigational charts and systems
  • Volume computations
  • Cross section profiles
  • Channel designs

What we do:
  • We specialise in a variety of hydrographic and land surveying services that allow detailed three-dimensional data capture across any medium from water to land
  • We will provide you with essential information you need to efficiently, safely and effectively manage your water body
  • Using the latest in hydrographic survey technology we provide you with information relating to depth, hazards, capacity, vegetation and sediment
  • We present you with a top quality product in easily accessible, easy to use and easy to share formats
  • Hydrographic surveys are carried out by experienced Level 1 and Level 2 surveyors assessed by the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel

We understand that your priorities will be to mitigate risk and deliver your project efficiently, on time and on budget. As specialists in bathymetric survey we invest our knowledge, capabilities and technology into getting your project completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We're ready to lend our expertise gained from years spent performing a variety of jobs for clients in many different industries. No matter your location we have the capacity to come to you.

If your project requires hydrographic skill, talk to the certified experts in the field.
Services & Activities
Asset Management & IntegrityEnvironmentalGeoscienceGIS & Remote SensingHydrography & GeophysicsMaritime & ShippingMeasurement & InstrumentationOceanographySurvey & Site Investigation
Multibeam EchosounderSide Scan SonarSinglebeam EchosounderMarine Environmental Survey
The Australasian Hydrographic Society (AHS) is the South West Pacific and South East Asian regional focus for those interested in hydrography and related sciences. The recent and extraordinary progress in oceanology means that the maritime industry and undersea exploration will be to this century, that which aviation and aerospace exploration was to ... Morethe last.

In our region in particular, hydrographic and related information increasingly facilitates the generation, sustainment and transportation of resources. Better hydrographic and geophysical information now allows the responsible development of offshore projects that might have been considered financially untenable a matter of years ago. More accurate information will continue to allow the shipment of resources with greater effectiveness, speed and safety. Of perhaps greater significance is that the quality and quantity of data coming from hydrography and related sciences now allows undersea cabling and pipelines that are more direct, geophysically prudent and environmentally responsible.

Similarly, in the recent past there has been an examination of the security of regional interests, both in the private and public domains. There has been a growing acknowledgment amongst maritime services, such as police, customs and regional navies, that accurate hydrographic data in the littoral environment is fundamental to providing security, protection and humanitarian support.

In this challenging time it is apparent that hydrography and the associated skills that identify and ensure safe passage of shipping, irrespective of flag, are seen as bridging gaps in regional understanding, where few other lines of communication may exist. This is due to hydrography and the like being increasingly acknowledged as egalitarian in purpose and therefore humanitarian in the broadest sense. This is not new, but the extent of acknowledgement is.
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+61 3 9395 9897
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