Valeport • MIDAS CTD+ Multiparameter Profiler

Product Type
Conductivity, Temperature & Depth (CTD)
Product Snapshot
Product Name
Valeport MIDAS CTD+ Multiparameter Profiler
Product Type
Conductivity, Temperature & Depth (CTD)
Valeport's MIDAS CTD+ is a revolutionary Multiparameter CTD, with a wide choice of standard sensors.

Featuring Valeport's latest 400 Series electronics, the CTD+ will sample all fitted sensors at exactly the same instant, at up to 8Hz.

Advanced setup software allows a variety of sampling regimes including burst modes, delay starts, and conditional sampling. With up to 64 MB memory and internal battery pack, as well as a selection of real time output formats, the CTD+ is perfect for both profiling or fixed mooring applications. In addition, the CTD+ may be used with Valeport's own water bottle carousel.
Features & Applications
Key Features
  • Multiparameter CTD with wide choice of sensors
  • Up to 64 Mbyte memory and internal battery pack
  • Depth rated to 6,000 m (titanium) and 500 m (acetal)
59 mm
15 mm
Weight (In Air)
20 kg
Titanium housing
Polyurethane & acetal sensor components
Stainless steel (316) cage
Depth Rating
6,000 m
Internal Power Supply
8 x D cells, 1.5V alkaline or 3.6V lithium batteries
External Power Supply
9 to 30V DC
1.7W (sampling) <1mW (sleeping)
Battery Life
>100 hours operation (alkaline) >250 hours operation (lithium)
SubConn MCBH10F
The MIDAS CTD+ uses the concept of distributed processing, where each sensor has its own microprocessor controlling sampling and calibration of readings. Each of these is then controlled by a central processor, which issues global commands and handles all the data. This means that all data is sampled at precisely the same instant, giving superior quality profile data. It also allows additional sensor to be added or replaced in the field, without the need for factory recalibration.

Continuous: Regular output from all sensors at 1, 2, 4 or 8Hz

Burst: Regular sampling pattern, instrument takes a number of readings, then sleeps for a defined time

Trip/Profile: Data is output as a chosen parameter changes by
a set value, usually Pressure for profiling

Conditional: Instrument sleeps until a selected parameter
reaches a set value

Delay: Instrument sleeps until predefined start time
The MIDAS CTD+ is fitted with 16Mb solid state non-volatile FLASH memory. Total capacity depends on sampling mode; continuous & burst modes have a single time stamp at the start of the file, trip mode (profiling) stores a time stamp with each reading. Each parameter uses 2 bytes per sample and a time stamp uses 7 bytes. The examples are for an instrument measuring CTD and 3 other parameters. Continuous: ~1,400,000 data points Profile: >850,000 data points (60 profiles to 6000 m)
The MIDAS CTD+ will operate autonomously, with setup and data extraction performed by direct communications with PC before and after deployment. It also operates in real time, with a choice of communication protocols for a variety of cable lengths, all fitted as standard and selected by pin choice on the output connector.

RS-232: Up to 200m cable, direct to serial port via USB

RS-485: Up to 1,000m cable, addressable half duplex comms

Optional FSK
2 wire power & comms up to 6,000 m cable (cable dependent)

Baud Rate: 2,400 - 115,200 (FSK fixed at 19,200; USB 460,800)

Protocol: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control
RS-232 ● RS-485
Standard Sensors
Conductivity ● Pressure ● Temperature
Optional Sensors
ChlorophyllDissolved OxygenPARpHTurbidityRedox
Sensor Specifications
ConductivityInductive Cell0 - 80 mS/cm
TemperaturePRT-5 - +35°C
PressurePiezo-ResistiveUp to 600 Bar
TurbiditySeapoint STM0 - 2000 FTU
Dissolved OxygenClark Cell0 - 16 ml/L
pHElectrode1 - 13
Redox (ORP)Electrode+/- 1500 mV
ChlorophyllFluorometer0 - 150 μg/L
PARLICOR10,000 μmol/s/m<sup>2</sup>
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